10 Best Wheelbarrow 2018

Are you a builder who needs the perfect tool to transport the heaviest items? Use a wheelbarrow and you won’t have to make an effort never again…

A wheelbarrow can offer an excellent portability for the most cumbersome equipment as well as for those materials or residues that not any other tool can provide, and will always be reliable and useful. Yet, all wheelbarrows are different, some are much better for specific tasks, and they will also vary in size and comfort when using. So, if you want to buy a good wheelbarrow, you will have to know what you should get.

To help you pick a much better product, here we have a list of high-quality options you’ll find on the market, all of them selected according to how useful and reliable they can be. Make sure to take a good peek and find the perfect one for your needs.

10 Wheelbarrow Review 2018

Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow

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Especially designed to provide superior accuracy when pouring, you won’t find any problem with this one, the Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow. The handles are incredibly comfortable to use and deliver great efficiency so you can use it always sure it won’t slip or eventually get broken or else, as they are made of American ash with double coating.

The Poly tray delivers fantastic durability as well, and a 6-cubic capacity so you can transport whatever you want efficiently and securely. With its hard plastic wheel, you will be able to go through any terrain without problems as well.

  • Incredibly Efficient Pouring
  • Much More Durable and Resistant
  • Comfortable and Safe to Use

  • Really Small Tray

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Polar Trailer Heavy-Duty Cub Cart

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Extremely stable and with great capacity, this 7-cubics wheelbarrow may of heavy-duty materials provide an excellent performance even with the most substantial load. Capable of supporting up to 400lbs without problems, this polyethylene Cub Cart from Polar Trailer will help you transport any material or items more comfortably and securely than any other, thanks to its dual-wheel system and large dimensions.

It is not as large as others but provides excellent depth so you can get more items in a smaller space. The tires are made of rubber with shielded bearing, providing superior reliability than most. It is also very light and comes with great handles, totally easy to use and very comfortable.

  • Comfortable and Stable Performance
  • Great Capacity and Size
  • Totally Reliable

  • Handles are A Little Troubling

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Bosmere W302 Folding Wheelbarrow

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If you prefer versatility over capacity and strength, the Bosmere W302 Folding Wheelbarrow is the perfect choice for you. With 32 inches long, 20 inches wide and 29 inches tall, it can be used for almost anything that doesn’t demand more than 40lbs of weight, always delivering great results and comfortable performance.

The polyester bag provides the excellent versatility you need, plus a heavy-duty PVC construction that folds when required for superior portability and storage capacity. It is still very sturdy and provides an exceptional durability not many wheelbarrows can. And of course,  it comes with additional pouches so you can store any of your tools for easier access.

  • Awesomely Versatile and Convenient
  • Spacious and Efficient
  • Totally Easy and Comfortable to Use

  • Doesn’t Support Heavy Loads

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Radio Flyer Wheelbarrow for Kids

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Even though it is mainly designed for children as a toy, it is still one of the most reliable out there, providing excellent efficiency despite its very small design. The handles are made of wood, so it becomes comfortable and safe, the wheel is molded so it can go on any surface and last longer than others, and still gets to be really strong and resistant.

It can be the perfect wheelbarrow for users who don’t need much storage space or strength, as it is pretty resistant and can be used under any circumstance. It is pretty small, yet it brings excellent results thanks to its steel undercarriage so it can be used efficiently at all times, capable of supporting up to 25lbs

  • Really Small and Compact Design
  • Perfect for Small Works
  • Strong and Resistant Construction

  • A Little Unreliable for Most Applications

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Seymour Children High-Density Poly Tray Wheelbarrow

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Another design for children, but a lot bigger nonetheless – the Seymour High-density polyethylene tray can provide a lot more weight capacity and durability while also being well-made so it can be used on almost any type of application. The wheel is made of solid steel and comes with a rubber tire, good enough to be used on any floor or surface, making sure it can deliver enough reliability.

The front braces provide excellent strength, as it can support up to 35lbs without problems. Also, it comes with hardwood handles, much more comfortable and reliable than others. And of course, it works pretty well for both children to play with or for any gardener who doesn’t need much space or capacity.

  • Incredibly Reliable for its Size
  • Wonderfully Comfortable and Stable
  • Durable and Resistant Build

  • Not Recommended for Big Jobs

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True Temper Total Control

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If you are, on the other hand, looking for something a lot more reliable for heavy work – the True Temper Total Control will be the perfect wheelbarrow for you. This incredible choice will help you transport up to 400lbs of materials without problems while being a lot more stable and comfortable when using.

You can use it wherever you want as well, thanks to its superior maneuverability and a great wheel construction with a rubber tire and a hard-steel wheel. Its tray is made of sturdy polyethylene and steel and offers up to 6-cubic feet of storage space.

  • Really Spacious and Comfortable to Use
  • A Lot More Reliable than Others
  • Strong and Durable Construction

  • Inefficient Pouring

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Jackson M6T22 Contractor

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You won’t find a wheelbarrow as robust and reliable as the Jackson Contractor M6T22, capable of supporting up to 330lbs without problems, on its 6-cubic foot capacity and its wonderful steel tray designed to provide a heavy-duty resistance. The barrow comes with hardwood handles, offering a lot more comfort and reliability when using.

The 16-inches tubed tire is made of rubber so it can be used anywhere you want, and thanks to its H brace, it will provide significant control and much more safety when using. The front braces made of steel attached to the tray make the barrow a lot stronger as well.

  • Comfortable and Reliable Hardwood Handles
  • Really Strong and Efficient
  • Reliable Construction

  • Not as Spacious as Expected

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Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Garden Cart

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With the perfect color and powder coated steel tray, this Dual-Wheel Home Garden Cart can be the ideal barrow for any type of use, including construction with heavy loads and garden uses with dirt or any other lighter material. With its polyurethane construction mixed with steel, you will get superb durability and an unbeatable resistance too, while also getting a sturdier and more stable performance.

The handles are well-made entirely, delivering exceptional comfort and grip. Also, the rubber wheels are big and reliable, so you get a much more comfortable experience when using while being a lot easier to use. It is capable of supporting up to 330lbs of weight with its 5-cubic feet space.

  • Extremely Efficient and Strong
  • Well-Made, Durable and Resistant
  • Comfortable and Stable to Use

  • A Little Smaller Than Expected

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Marathon Residential Yard Rover Yard Cart – Green

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Specially designed for gardening, the Residential Yard Cart from Marathon will help you get any gardening activity to be done faster and more efficiently than any other. The air-filled wheels deliver fantastic reliability so you can use it everywhere you want without worrying about anything.

The cushion-grip handles provide exceptional comfort when using as well while getting to be a lot easier and safe to use. And thanks to its great construction, the wheelbarrow can support up to 300lbs, thanks to its rust and corrosion protection on the 5-cubic tray. You can push it, pull it, or lift it quickly as it only weighs a few pounds.

  • Awesomely Reliable and Strong
  • Pretty Versatile and Resistant
  • Much More Comfortable and Safe to Use

  • Not Recommended for Construction Works

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WORX Aerocart Multifunction

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For those who just want the perfect wheelbarrow that can be used on any application from construction to gardening and much more – the WORX Aerocart provides precisely that and a lot in addition. The tool is designed to deliver more versatility than any other, capable of transforming to from wheelbarrow to dolly to yard car or even a simple gardening pot.

The tires are flat made of rubber; they never need inflating and will always be reliable and stable. The device also comes with additional accessories and offers immense convenient features. The handles are made so you won’t feel the weight in any way, with a much more comfortable design and a perfect capacity. It can support up to 400lbs or even more without problems, thanks to its heavy-duty steel construction.

  • Incredibly Strong and Reliable
  • Awesomely Versatile and Effective
  • Comfortable and Totally Convenient Design

  • A Little Expensive


When you go buying a wheelbarrow, it is clear that you need something to help you do your construction or gardening work, and of course, you will need a reliable and robust barrow that fits your needs. However, to choose the proper one, you will have to learn what you should look for and how to meet those features to your necessities. Here are a few highlights you should consider:


The build of a wheelbarrow will tell you everything you need to know about how resistant, durable and reliable it can be. But there are only two materials available on the market, and those are plastic and metal. Both are good, yet depending on which exact type of plastic or metal the product is made of, you will get a different result. For example, plastic barrows can be made of polyethylene or polyurethane, where the second is usually a lot harder and reliable than the other, yet a little more expensive. On the other hand, metals can be from steel to aluminum, but the usual is always coated steel, typically offering a superb resistance and impressive capacity, but for a lot more expensive price. If you are doing simple gardening work, a plastic wheelbarrow will be more than enough, and if you need something for heavier uses, go for metals.


The dimensions of a wheelbarrow will tell you a lot about how useful the tool can be. Most wheelbarrow won’t be taller than 40-inches tall, and you can find some as small as 20 inches without problems. Yet, they need to be large to be more useful, with at least 30 inches long design, up to 50 inches large in the biggest ones. However, the width also tells you a lot about the product, and you shouldn’t get anything below 20 inches unless it is really small for only gardening works.


What matters a lot when using is the type of wheels it comes with. A barrow needs to come with stable and easy-to-use wheels, where you will find some with only one wheel and others with up to 3 so you get incredible stability. However, the most common and recommended are the dual-wheel designs, as they are a lot more versatile, stable, easy-to-use and much more comfortable when maneuvering. Also, they tend to offer a lot more strength to the product.

Choosing an excellent wheelbarrow shouldn’t be a problem now that you know what you should look for. Still, make sure you consider our recommendations and all of our advice to pick the perfect one – you won’t regret making a decision based on our help.

When buying one of these, always remember that the perfect wheelbarrow is the one that fits your needs more than anything – so choose accordingly and get a fantastic tool for your gardening and construction works.

Having trouble transporting materials and equipment when doing construction works at home? With one of these incredible wheelbarrows, you won’t have to make any effort again!

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