10 Best Swiss Army Knife 2017

Want to feel like a survivalist with the handiest mini-tool available in the market? That’s precisely what a Swiss army knife offers, and here we have some of them for you to consider…

Created in the nineteenth century with the purpose of serving the Swiss military as a really useful tool that works for many purposes, this army knife was later introduced to markets around the world thanks to its multipurpose and versatile performance. Today, you can find one of these everywhere without a problem, but only a few offer that great quality you need.

To get the right one efficiently, it is necessary for you to learn every critical part of these tools, as well as which products offer what you’re looking for, and much more. Don’t lose more of your time – keep reading and learn more about them!

10 Swiss Army Knife Review 2017

Ideas In Life Pocket Tool Knife

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Good-looking, compact and well-made entirely – the Ideas in Life Swiss knife is beneficial and easy to use. It features a stainless steel construction which additionally offers a LED flashlight, so it doesn’t only provide excellent functions like blades, corkscrew, screwdriver, and a can opener, but much more.

The folding design is totally reliable, so you can use it wherever you want whenever you want without problems. It comes with its own carrying pouch for added convenience, and all of its functions are well-made so you can enjoy it at all times.

  • Well-Made And Good-Looking
  • Convenient 13-Function Design
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction

  • Unreliable Flashlight

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INTEY Multitool Pocket Knife

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Sleek and comfortable on the hand, the INTEY Multi-tool pocket swiss knife is perfect for almost anyone, especially those who are on a meager budget and still want a high-quality product. Regardless its price, you will obtain a great performance, with 14 different functions and a solid stainless steel construction.

It features a fish scaler, a hook remover, a blade, a bottle cap opener, a head saw, a screwdriver, mini scissors, and much more. It is complete and well-made, won’t let you get out of your house without proper safety and precautions for sure. Its opening design is reliable as well, for increased security when using.

  • Really Cheap Choice
  • Safe and Easy to Use
  • Extremely Handy Design

  • Tools Need Sharpening

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Geralt Pocket Premium Multi-Tool

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If you are expecting much more than a smaller pocket knife, the Geralt Premium multi-tool is precisely what you need. This versatile and all-in-one device will help you do whatever you want, as it offers an 11-in-1 design that comes with everything you could need in any situation. From a small knife, a nail pick and nail file, a bottle opener, mini scissors, a large knife, a utility saw to even a fish hook remover plus a threading tool and fish scaler.

Easily, this is one of the most complete and totally easy to use options out there. It can be used for survival situations, camping, fishing or even just to have it in your pocket for whenever you may need it. And of course, it’s made of a durable and resistant stainless steel construction for even better use.

  • Premium Quality Construction
  • Complete and Easy-to-Use
  • Looks Really Good

  • Unreliable Scissors

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Journey’s Edge Swiss Everything

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A fantastic product to have in your pocket, the Journey’s Edge Swiss knife is recommended for anyone who just needs practicality and superior performance, so you won’t ever get disappointed when using. It features a LED flashlight that works great with its stainless steel construction, making it durable, resistant and incredibly useful at all times.

The device comes with a saw blade, a can opener, a slotted driver, a bottle opener, a key ring, a screwdriver, a nail file, an awl, a corkscrew, and a leather punch. Not as complete as others but really useful when using, plus being much lighter and easy to use.

  • Convenient and Reliable Flashlight Function
  • Durable and Resistant Built
  • Complete and Easy to Use Design

  • Uncomfortable to Use

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Rugged Knife Swiss Style Army Knife

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Rugged Knife Company is a brand that always creates products of the highest-quality, such as this Swiss-style army knife, a sturdy, durable, handy and extremely easy-to-use product not to overlook. If you are someone who looks for superior quality construction, this one is perfect for you.

It comes with everything you could need, from a bottle and can opener, to a nail file, a corkscrew, a key ring and a handy Phillips and a flat-head screwdriver, both immensely useful in different situations. Still, the device is lightweight, smaller than most, and rugged in its construction so you can have a much more reliable product in your hands.

  • Extremely Reliable Construction
  • Handy, Comfortable and Compact
  • Looks Good

  • Scissors Don’t Work as Expected

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CoBean 8 in 1 Hammer & Wrench

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There’s always an option for people who want to look tougher than others, and in this case, the CoBean 8-in-1 stainless steel Hammer & Wrench Swiss army knife won’t be a bad decision in any way. Yes, it offers a tougher and sturdier construction, with both stainless steel and a hardwood case, so it looks great as well.

It is mainly made to offer an excellent functionality for household applications, so if you are someone who tends to work a lot at home, this device will immediately be the right one for you. As said before, it features a mini hammerhead, linesman and regular pliers, a hatchet, a slotted screwdriver, a drop-point blade, a serrated blade, a can opener, a wire stripper, wire cutters, a key ring and a soft file. All of this in a small and compact design with a well-made folding design.

  • Incredibly Useful for Home Activities
  • Looks Tougher and Better
  • Really Durable and Resistant Construction

  • A Little Uncomfortable to Store

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Grand Harvest Swiss Style Knife

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An exciting design, with a reliable construction, an incredibly handy set of tools, and a more than compact size – the Swiss Style knife from Grand Harvest is an unusual choice, not for everyone, but good enough to work really efficiently for those who choose it.

This 420 Stainless steel knife, with 14 useful tools provides the reliability and handiness everyone needs. Despite its tough and convenient construction, you can enjoy its effectiveness without a problem. It comes with tools like a blade, two functional serrated knives, scissors, a screwdriver, a key ring and a corkscrew. Also, you can choose between 3 different models.

  • Reliable Construction
  • Compact and Easy to Use Design
  • Safe and Durable

  • Corkscrew Doesn’t Fit Properly

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Dimension 9 Multi-Purpose Knife

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The Dimension 9 knife with multi-purpose tools is an incredibly good choice for those who need a simple but still really effective and good-looking option. It allows users to choose from hundreds of different designs when buying, so you can pick according to your needs, or even just give it as a gift.

Yet, the knife is wonderfully effective, good-looking with a varnished gloss coated rosewood built, and a stainless steel construction for increased durability and resistance. Its more useful tools are the scissors, two screwdrivers, a saw blade, a bottle opener, a one-knife blade, a punch and a file.

  • Really Effective Design
  • Offers a Tough and Durable Construction
  • Can Pick Among Different Engraved Names and Initials

  • Hard-to-Get-Out Tools

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Valtev Quality Sturdy Multi-tool Knife

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The Valtev Quality Swiss knife is a sturdier choice for people who like a more robust and efficient performance. This excellent product even features a LED flashlight so you can have an even more useful device for darker environments when needed. Also, it comes with 12 practical tools like a blade, a can opener, two serrated edges, screwdriver, a corkscrew, a key ring and much more.

The entire design is stylish and light as well, so it doesn’t only look like a rough performer but comfortable entirely. It additionally offers a nylon belt sheath so you can use it wherever you go without problems. IT can be used by anyone without issues as well, as it is safer and easier to use than most.

  • Really Tough Construction
  • Convenient Flashlight Feature
  • Durable and Resistant

  • Unreliable Sheath

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Victorinox SwissChamp

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Many people have argued about which is the army knife with the highest-quality construction and the one which offers the most tools to enjoy. And there’s no doubt the SwissChamp from Victorinox wins that contest, for sure. This 33-function knife is a perfect tool entirely, offering a lifetime durability, an incredibly good-looking design and a perfect versatility that won’t let anyone down.

It comes with all the usual tools plus some of the rarest ones, including a fish scaler, wire cutters, a hook, a nail polisher, a scale, a magnifying glass and much more… Effortlessly, this can be the right option for you, especially if you are someone who enjoys from unique tools with superior functionalities.

  • Extremely Functional
  • Much More Durable Than Most
  • Really Small Despite the Multiple Tools

  • Heavier and Expensive


Most swiss army knives look good and useful, but only the right ones will indeed come up handy when you need them. And this is all about construction, design and overall performance. That’s why it is essential to know how to choose the right one accordingly. For this, you can take a look at our easy-to-follow guide so you can learn about them to eventually select the perfect one for you:


There’s no doubt about the most common material in these devices, stainless steel. If a Swiss knife is not made from stainless steel or an even better material, it won’t work, as simple as that. This material offers superior reliability, excellent resistance, much easier to sharpen, and a light feature so you can store it and use it more comfortably. Yet, there are Swiss knives which are made of titanium and similar materials, but these often cost a lot more but are eventually increasingly efficient and durable.


Not all of these devices offer the same number of tools, and not all of these tools are as useful as you think. Most Swiss knives will come with an essential blade, a corkscrew, a saw, a serrated blade, scissors, and a can opener. These are the ones that shouldn’t ever lack on these products. However, other unconventional tools could come really handy as well, like wire cutters, LED flashlights, a file, nail polisher and even pliers. Just remember to pick the one that fits your needs in this matter. And of course, make sure it offers at least 8 different tools, up to 30 or even more in the more functional ones.

Size and Weight

There is no mistake when you go looking for a Swiss army knife due to their usually compact designs and lightly built. However, there are different options out there which generally are more prominent than the rest and heavier as well. When you choose a 20-tool device, for example, it will for sure be bigger and heavier than the rest. But sometimes, devices with only 7 tools can be as big and bulky as the ones with 30 tools, so it is important to choose according to your needs. Bigger tools may come really handy for when you don’t need to save space, and smaller designs will come really handy as they can be transported everywhere easily.

If you want to pick an excellent product that fits your needs, there are several essential tips to follow:

- If you plan to carry one of these with you at all times, make sure it is a smaller design. You won’t like bringing one of these when it looks and feels uncomfortable in your pocket.

- The blades of these devices tend to be sharp-deficient, so it is a must always to make sure to have a sharp and efficient product at all times.

- Typically, there are tools like wire cutters and pliers which may seem useful at the moment of buying, but eventually turn out to be entirely Don’t go for one of these if you don’t need them or if you are not sure of the quality.

Simply, selecting an excellent Swiss army knife is not a hard job, especially when you know everything you need to know before buying. With this guide you won’t have nothing to worry about, so make sure you follow it entirely while considering our recommendations as well.

Don’t regret buying one of these! A Swiss army knife will for sure end up being the perfect tool if you know how to use it! Follow our advice and pick the right one now!

Need the perfect Swiss knife for everyday use? Don’t hesitate in taking a look at our practical and clear guide on how to choose them, plus a really incredible list of the most recommended options out there.

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