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10 Best Stud Finder 2017

Want to start hanging portraits and other decorative items on your home walls? Make sure every space you want to use is usable with the perfect stud finder…

Even though a stud finder can work for many things in addition to just helping to hang things up on walls, they are not that useful all the time. And this is all because not all these devices will deliver the exact result you are expecting to get, so you may eventually find them unusable, unworthy, and utterly useless. But if you get to buy an excellent finder, your chances of satisfaction get better.

In the market, you will find thousands of options to buy, but only a few will really help you get the results you’re looking for. These few are pretty hard to find unless you know where to look at. Here you will find some of these excellent devices you should consider:

10 Stud Finder Review 2017

Stanley 47-400 Magnetic Finder

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The cheapest of them all, the Stanley 47-400 is a magnetic device with a highly effective performance which can become the perfect partner for finding imperfections. Really small in design yet incredibly accurate, it can locate everything you want from steel nails, screws, wires and much more.

Its design comes with a notched shape so you can mark more easily when needed. It is entirely easy to use, the simplest in the market, and thanks to its small design you won’t have a problem using it or storing it anywhere you want.

  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Awesomely Cheap
  • Really Accurate

  • Takes Longer to Find Studs Due to Small Size

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Zircon MultiScanner i520 OneStep

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In addition to its premium quality build and capable of delivering accurate results, this MultiScanner i520 from Zircon offers other great features like high-quality metal detection, superb AC wires location and much more. It is made of hard plastic and comes with an LCD display and different buttons for easy use.

The device also provides an audio tone and a spotlite pointing system. Can be used in 4 different modes effectively, and provides a signal strength indicator, so the finder becomes helpful in finding deep objects.

  • Perfect Accuracy
  • Offers Great Additional Features
  • Really Easy to Use

  • Too Expensive

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The StudBuddy Magnetic Finder

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The easiest and most effective stud finder in the market, the StudBuddy will help you find any stud on any wall without any problem at all times. That’s how efficient it is and how capable even in the hardest and thickest wood walls. It is made with neodymium magnets that can locate any type of nail or screw at a very deep location behind a drywall.

It is utterly magnetic, so no batteries are required, and it can be used without limitations. It is the most comfortable way to finding studs without having to spend much time while delivering a superior accuracy despite its simple design.

  • Fully Straightforward Design
  • Great Accuracy Despite Simplicity
  • Light and Well-Made

  • Can Be Difficult to Use

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aom Electronic Multi-Scanner

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An electronic but cheap multi-purpose stud finder, the aom Multi-Scanner comes pretty handy for situations where detecting studs get really challenging. It is pretty accurate yet it delivers a powerful performance, so it can scan studs and metals deeper than others. It offers 4 different modes, the Stud, the Metal, the Deep and the AC mode – delivering great results in each one.

The device features an LCD display which is totally bright and easy to see through. It is battery-powered ,of course, and can be used for a long time, as it can last a lifetime without any problem when used correctly. It can locate everything you need more efficiently than others.

  • Superb Light and Comfortable Design
  • Entirely Easy to Use
  • Detects Deeper Than Others

  • Not as Accurate as Expected

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Precision Sensors ProFinder 5000

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The ProFinder 5000+ is a device with construction so excellent and straightforward that you can use on any type of wall and find anything you want with superior accuracy and effectiveness. Thanks to its superior sensor design, it can scan deeper than most, and with its technological system, it will tell you more easily exactly where the stud is located at.

With its 13 sensors, you can get an individual result from each, making it easier to find any stud while doing it in a highly convenient way thanks to its ruler. If you need to mark anything, you will find it easier than with any other too. The device works with AA batteries and features 3 pencils.

  • Outstanding Accuracy
  • 13-Sensors Designs for Superior Results
  • Easy to Use and Versatile

  • A Little Expensive

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Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder

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Created with the main purpose of delivering a simple design with excellent effectiveness this Studpop Magnetic finder will make the perfect addition to any person who’s on a low budget but still wants a great device. It is incredibly accurate and works on practically any wall or surface including plaster, lath, tile, sheetrock, wood and so on.

The device features a popper that indicates the location of metal more efficiently than even electronic ones, without having to get confused or get inaccurate results. It can be delivered in different colors, and with its small design, you will simply make it an essential item for every time you need to find studs.

  • Excellent Design
  • Wonderfully Accurate
  • Really Simple and Cheap

  • Doesn’t Detect Deep Studs

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Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710

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People often want a premium-quality device for their home, a device with great performance and always accurate when it comes to doing its job – that’s what the ProSensor 710 Franklin offers – an electronic device with a perfect construction and an even better accuracy. Its design was thought to provide a much easier detecting signal for users to use, while also being entirely comfortable.

It can identify really deep objects and also detect the width of each thanks to its superior sensor. It is one of the most innovative in the market, using 13 sensors to provide a much faster and error-free performance each time, in various types of walls or surfaces.

  • Superior Accuracy and Ease of Use
  • Excellent 13-Sensors Design
  • Long-Lasting and Powerful

  • A Little Pricey

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FOLAI WoodScanner

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Not only provides a much more powerful sensing performance, but it also delivers a much simpler design despite being electronic – the FOLAI WoodScanner is a superb option in almost every way. It can be used to detect studs, AC wires, metals, for deep scan, and even more. With its LCD you can see anything you want, from signal, strength, and even the presence of electricity.

It is one of the easiest to use, lasts longer than most despite its electronic design, and offers an excellent accuracy. Quick and convenient in every way, you won’t find anything wrong to say about this device, and it can quickly become your best friend on this type of activities.

  • Unbeatable Price for the Quality
  • Splendid Accuracy and Functionality
  • Long-Lasting and Versatile Design

  • Battery-Deficient

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imoocare Multifunction Finder

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Electronic but simple, pretty accurate and extremely useful for even the deepest of studs – this Multifunction Finder from imoocare can be the right choice for anyone who wants effectiveness and superb results. With its sensor technology, you can be assured it will help you find any type of stud deeper, including live wires too.

Its multifunction design helps to detect from wood to steel and copper, live tension and so on – accurately. With its LCD display, it will deliver a highly accurate performance, much easier for you to spot when using it, mainly because it works with a simple one-button design. It features a graphical intensity signal and turns off automatically after 1 minute without use.

  • Highly Convenient and Versatile Design
  • Much Easier and Simpler to Use
  • Extremely Accurate

  • Can Be A Little Confusing to Use

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CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Finder

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If there’s a device everyone should consider before making a buy, it is the CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Finder. This incredible item will not only provide a superb accuracy every time you use it but will be easier and much more comfortable to use, quicker and incredibly convenient thanks to its simple but useful design.

Made with neodymium magnets, it delivers an unbeatable accuracy, while also being much smaller and compact than others, so it fits anywhere. You will find anything you want from nails or screws to even wires despite being magnetic. After you buy this one, you won’t have to buy one of these ever again, that’s how good it is.

  • Simple but Effectively Accurate
  • Soft and Comfortable Grip
  • Long-Lasting, Compact, and Easy to Transport

  • Doesn’t Detect Deep Studs


Finding studs can become a pretty challenging task no matter the place, so a stud finder is vital 100% of the times. Yet, you will need a good one if you plan on finding studs accurately, or else you may end up buying a product that doesn't work at all. So, why don’t you learn a little more about them with the following guide? Take a look…


Stud finders come in two different models, the electronic and the magnetic. It is as easy as calling them the automatic and the manual, as electronic finders are a lot easier to use, sometimes much more precise and undoubtedly, more powerful. Some electronic finders may offer the opportunity to measure how big the stud is and how deep it is, yet they are powered by batteries and may eventually be harder to use. Also, some of these devices may help you set pipes and studs apart so you won’t get confused when searching.

Magnetic stud finders, on the contrary, are actually pretty easy to use with a much more straightforward design and immensely accurate most of the time. Most of these finders use neodymium magnets which are incredibly useful. However, they may be a problem to use as you won’t be able to differentiate between a stud, wire, a pipe or any other metal behind a wall. But they are cheaper, however.


Whether you get an electronic or magnetic finder, you need to make sure that the product is accurate enough or else it won’t be worth the money. To know if it is good or not, you must make sure it can detect any metal at 1mm deep up to 7mm deep without problems. Electronic finders may detect even deeper, but magnetic should, at least, identify metals at 5mm to be decent.


No matter the accuracy or how it works, if the product doesn’t tell you conclusively where the stud is, you won’t ever find any. And that’s all about how it informs users about the presence of metal. For example, most electronic finders feature a display which shows the location and intensity of the stud or metal, while giving a sound like a beep or similar to indicate the presence. Magnetic ones work differently, and they can be made in various ways. Some of them are designed with a popper with moves towards the location of the metal or stud, while others will just get stuck in the place where the stud is located to indicate the presence. You may find different types of signals, and so you should pick the one you think is best.

So, eager to start getting all those paintings, portraits, clocks, or just anything hanged on your home walls? Find the perfect stud finder, use our references, pick accordingly, and begin decorating your home without missing a stud.

Here’s all you need to know about stud finders plus the most recommended devices out there – so take your pick and allow yourself to enjoy what an excellent product can do.

Start finding all your home studs with the perfect device among the ones we have here. You won’t believe how useful they can be until you’ve tried them!

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