10 Best Soldering Iron 2018

Looking to binding up two pieces of metal but lack the right tool to do it? Soldering irons are always the correct tool to use so you can bind anything you want in a faster and easier way…

With one of these, you will use electricity to create enough heat to melt solder, a piece of metal which is used to piece together two metal objects. These irons can come in handy in various situations, at work, at home, and sometimes just wherever. But soldering irons are not always so good, so it is important to know which one to choose when buying.

Here you have a straightforward guide on how to choose one of these tools correctly, plus a list of high-quality recommendations to consider…

10 Soldering Iron Review 2018

UY CHAN NEW TS100 with STM32 Chip (B2 Tip)

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Soldering things shouldn’t be as easy as it is when you use the UY CHAN TS100 portable iron. This one, with an OLED programmable display and a fast-heating feature from 100Cº to 400Cº, will make any soldering easier and more comfortable than you ever thought. And of course, you will be able to solder things everywhere you want, as it is a battery-powered device you can bring with you wherever you go without any problem.

It is totally safe to use, easy to charge, and entirely programmable so you can set the right temperature according to your needs. Additionally, it comes with an STM32 sensor, an over-heating warning, and a sleep mode.

  • Totally Easy to Transport
  • Light and Easy to Use
  • Heats Up Really Fast

  • Tips Are Expensive

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Weller WLC200 Stained Glass Station

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Totally easy to use, with a more lightweight and safe construction, the WLC200 Stained Soldering Iron stations is a wonderful choice for those who need practicality and effectiveness at the same time. This one features a versatile power control from 5 to 80 watts, the ability to work with MTG 20, 21 and 22 tips, while also being entirely reliable when it comes to construction.

Featuring a cushion foam grip and a replaceable tip design, you can use whatever type of soldering method you desire. The station also offers a sponge cleaning pad for tips, an On/Off switch for a more comfortable use, and a replaceable heating element. This makes it incredibly useful for whatever purpose you want to use it.

  • Lightweight and Versatile Design
  • Totally Easy to Use
  • Safe & Convenient

  • A Little Slower to Heat

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F2C 2in1 SMD Soldering Station

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For people who want superior versatility, the F2C 862d+SMD Soldering station is an interesting choice without a doubt. It features a SAMSUNG microcomputer, making it much faster when it comes to heating. It powers up to 700W and offers an anti-static design for a much safer and reliable performance.

The entire body of the station is made of metal alloy, with silicone shell for both a good-looking and safe construction. It can be used for actually any type of soldering, features additional soldering tips, and makes it easier to use thanks to a more versatile and straightforward control panel with soldering and hot air settings.

  • Superior Heating Control
  • Faster and More Powerful Heat
  • Really Convenient Design

  • Temps are Unreliable

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Sywon ESD 60W Soldering Kit

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Achieving professional quality, the Sywon ESD at 60W is a powerful and reliable soldering iron that will help you do whatever you want, at a safer and more versatile pace. It is effortless to use, and thanks to the silicone cord, you will have a superior comfort when working with it, helping you do any type of soldering without a problem.

The temperature controls are also really efficient, making it easier to change from 200C to 400C easily. Features 5 different soldering tips for a more versatile experience, and even comes with its own cleaning sponge so you can get your device to be ready for the next time you use it.

  • Wonderfully Effective Performance
  • Professional Quality Construction
  • Versatile and Easy-to-Use Design

  • Not Too Resistant

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SEALODY SSA51 Digital Soldering

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Safer, more reliable and incredibly effective – the Sealody SSA51 is a perfect option for those who want to solder things more efficiently. The 55W design makes it sturdy enough to heat up the device faster, while also being really useful for any type of soldering activity. It heats up from 180C to 450C in a few seconds, and thanks to its heavy-duty design and reliable construction, it is safety-oriented for a more comfortable experience.

This kit features a solder cleaning wire for tips, safety foam and cleaning sponge, an aluminum soldering stand, and an On/Off station which offers details about the temperature and so on.

  • Incredibly Effective Performance
  • Really Easy to Use
  • Convenient Design

  • A Little Uncomfortable to Use

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Yihua 878ad Soldering Iron

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Featuring a microcomputer chip from Samsung, this soldering iron station also offers a hot air gun which makes it incredibly convenient for any use. You will be able to enjoy from an effective performance, a much safer construction, and easy-to-use control panel, and a versatile design which comes with additional features.

The panel control allows users to change both the heat of the soldering iron and from the air gun. Also, the panel features a LED display for convenient use. And of course, the entire construction is much safer, with a silicone and metal alloy built, so you can use it securely and much more comfortably.

  • High-Quality Construction
  • Safe, Reliable and Comfortable to Use
  • Convenient Panel Design

  • No Temperature Measure for Iron

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Aoyue 469 60W Soldering Station

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If you’re looking for increased reliability and performance, the Aoyue 469 60W soldering station is what you need. This one, featuring a 60W powered performance, making it easier to solder things while also being incredibly fast, heating up in a few seconds – makes it really comfortable to solder in many different ways. It can heat up from 200 to 400C in a few seconds, with a convenient tip and easy-to-use design.

It features a chip removal alloy, a de-soldering pump, and a TY-90 iron tip cleaner, making it really convenient for most users. The stand is really performance-oriented, so you can use it faster and safer. And the panel control makes it easier to change between temperatures as well.

  • Superior Performance
  • Reliable and Safe Construction
  • Totally Easy to Use

  • No Additional Tips

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X-Tronic 3020-XTS Digital Station

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Want to solder your thing efficiently and faster than with any other iron out there? The X-Tronic 3020-XTS is a perfect device to do exactly that. With a 200C to 480C heating capability, alongside 75W potency, you will be able to solder anything you want without a problem, working with a varied range of uses.

The temperature compensation technology it features makes it safe to work with, while also being convenient thanks to the silicone core for versatility, a 10-minute timer, and a Blue LED panel reading display for you to check how hot the device is. It comes with its own tip cleaner and cleaning flux.

  • Incredibly Efficient
  • Safer and Easier to Use
  • Convenient Features

  • Cords Can Feel a Little Short

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TOKEGO 980E Portable Station

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Simple design but superior performance, the Tokego 75-watt soldering iron is an excellent addition to anyone’s soldering items, as it won’t be deficient in any way, always being safer and faster when using, and more importantly – cheap but quality-oriented.

This incredible 7-in-1 kit offers everything you could hope for. From a really effective iron that can heat up from 180C to 450C efficiently, to a really convenient set of composite tips, a long solder wire, an anti-static weezer, a stand plus a handy cleaning sponge. Additionally, each tips provides the user with superior soldering efficiency, as they are more heat-resistant and durable than many others.

  • Powerful and Effective Despite the Price
  • Portable, Simple to Use and Reliable
  • Convenient Full-Feature Kit

  • Expensive Tips

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Hakko Fx-888D Digital Soldering Station

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Offers an incredible performance, makes soldering a lot easier and comes in a really sleek and good-looking yellow & blue design – the Hakko 23BY an almost perfect device without a doubt. You won’t find anything this tool can’t do, as it will help you do whatever you want, faster, more efficiently, and always safer than any other.

The Digital technology of the Hakko FX-888D makes it wonderfully reliable and easy to control, and thanks to the high-quality T18 tips it uses, the thermal performance will be a lot better than most. It can heat up from 100C to 400C in a few seconds, while always being really easy to cool down when needed. The control panel makes it easier to control and to see the temperature as well.

  • Comfortable, Safe and Easy to Use
  • Perfect Performance and Reliability
  • Much Faster and Effective Soldering

  • A Little Expensive


Buying a soldering iron will for sure help you a lot when it comes to attaching or fixing things, but only when you choose the right one. To do that, you will need to learn everything you can about them, from how they work to what makes them useful or effective, so you can eventually make the right choice when buying. Here’s a straightforward and very easy-to-follow guide for everyone in search to know more about:


The wattage of the device will tell you how powerful, fast, and how effective it is. The most common wattage is from 20W to 60W, products with more than that are for sure far more efficient than the majority. The most effective ones will come with a wattage over 50W, while the rest may not be as useful, making it easier to lose the heat and not as effective to solder big pieces or for more extended periods.


Apart from the wattage, it is essential to know that there are 4 different types of soldering irons to choose. The most common is the soldering station, which comes with a panel and the soldering pencil. This is really effective for simple soldering and won’t be troubling to transport or to store.

Another good soldering iron is the rework station, which usually features an additional hot air gun, making the soldering a lot more convenient and sometimes practical. This way you can de-solder things when needed and be more secure when using.

The soldering guns and pencils, on the other hand, are just that, where you can find soldering guns without a control panel, or soldering pencils the same way. However, soldering guns usually work better when it comes to soldering big things, while pencils mostly work for smaller performances.


The tip is an essential part of the iron, this is where all the heat gets used to solder things. Without the right tip, the soldering iron won’t be as effective, according to the type of soldering you need to do. When buying one of these, make sure the tip size and shape fits your needs, depending on how it will perform to the desired soldering you need to do.


Having the right tip, wattage or type of soldering iron won’t be enough if you want a good performance. Temperature range is what will tell you how capable the device is at last. For this, we recommend to pick an iron that can go from 100C to 300C smoothly, and if you can, choose one that can go even further, to temperatures above the 400C. This will help you solder harder things, in a faster and more comfortable way.

Choosing a soldering iron is effortless. You just need to take into consideration the different features that make it useful so you can select according to your needs. This way the right soldering iron will be more efficient for you, helping you get more satisfied with your product at the end.

If you need to solder something, don’t forget to follow our recommendations in choosing one of these – you won’t regret it!

A soldering iron can be the perfect tool to have at home or at work. Pick the right one following our advice and various recommendations – it’s the easiest way to get the right one!

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