10 Best Shop Vac 2018

Need to clean up your office, attic or basement? Let all the dust go away with the perfect Shop-Vac, like the ones we have here…

These amazing devices provide excellent uses for vacuuming, they are simply one of the most convenient and versatile tools you can to clean with. However, you must choose correctly or else, you may eventually make a bad decision you may regret. That’s why we’ve made sure we can help you with our best advice.

Here you have a great list of Shop-Vacs to consider, and a straightforward guide that will help you pick the perfect device. Check it out!

10 Shop Vac Review 2018

Stanley Wet & Dry Vac

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The Stanly Wet/dry vac is capable of delivering an industrial-like performance, providing a maximum power on vacuuming and suctioning not many vacuums can offer. It can easily pick up the heaviest of stuff, with 1.20-inches x 6.8 feet hose, a cartridge filter, a utility nozzle, a floor brush, and even a crevice nozzle with two extension wands.

The vac comes with 4 swivel casters and can be moved practically anywhere without any problem. The blower port can be converted into power blower for superior performance. And of course, it comes with an efficient storage that goes from 3 to 8 gallons depending on the model, and a powerful heavy-duty motor that can go from 3.5 HP to 4.5 according to the model.

  • Really Powerful
  • Wide Variety of Storage Capacities and Power
  • Really Convenient Pack of Extras

  • A Little Unreliable

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WORKSHOP WS1200VA General Purpose

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This WorkShop General Purpose shop vac comes with a 7 foot dual flex hose  at 2.5-inches of aperture. It offers a 180 degree flexibility so it can be used practically anywhere at any time. The drum or carcass of the product is made of copolymer, so it resists more use and is resistant to dents and cracks.

The product also comes with a Qwik Lock fastening system, that eases up the filter-changing process and makes overflow to be impossible when wet. The built-in storage is also pretty convenient, as it works perfectly fine with the additional vacuums and accessories. What’s even better, it comes with an 12-gallon storage and a Blowing Port, so it can be used both for vacuuming and blowing at 5 HP.

  • Powerful and Effective
  • Really Convenient Accessories and Design
  • Comfortable to Use

  • A Little Pricey

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Karcher WD4 Multi-Purpose Space-Saving Design

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The Karcher WD4 with an 1800w motor, offers one of the most powerful performances while being really easy to save and even easier to manage. Its design provides outstanding comfort and becomes really convenient, both for its wide array of accessories as well as for its excellent power.

The vacuum comes with a 5.3 gallon storage, and it sucks up both liquids and solids without any problem. It comes with a top filter and is designed by German engineers, so it is easily one of the most reliable in the market.

  • Extremely Reliable
  • Really Convenient Design
  • Easy and Comfortable to Use

  • Short Power Cord

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Tacklife 5 Gallon with 20 FT Clean Range

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With a 5.5 HP motor, the TackLife dry vacuum offers a strong sunction and one of the highest performances on the market. Its copper motor ensures users of a highly effective vacuuming while being persistent and wonderfully useful even in the hardest of places, or with the hardest of liquids or solids.

The device comes with a 5-gallon storage capacity, so it can suck practically an entire room and more without problems. The cleaning range of the product is easily the longest, with a 13-feet power cord and a 7-feet hose. What’s more, the product provides a 4-layer filtration system, so it sucks the dust and dirtiness, but avoids anything that could damage the product. And of course, it can be used reverted to blow as well.

  • Extremely Powerful
  • Outstanding Performance and Design
  • Longest Clean Range

  • Not As Long-Lasting as Others

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DEWALT DCV581H 20-Volt MAX Cordless/Corded

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If you are thinking of suèiror versatility and convenience, there’s nothing better than the Dewalt DCV581H, a cordless/corded product that can be used with 20 Volts, capable of delivering a powerful performance while also being one-hundred percent efficient.

The filter it comes with is called HEPA, which is supposed to capture 99.97% of everything that goes through it. What’s even better, this filter is totally washable and reusable. The hose is 5-feet long and comes with a 1.20 diameter tip. And of course, the hose is heavy duty and crush-resistant, so it supports even the heaviest and hardest of uses.

  • Outstandingly Convenient
  • Well-Made Entirely
  • Much More Efficient Than Most

  • Pricey

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Ridgid 1400RV Wet & Dry Vacuum

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The Ridgid 1400RV vacuum is easily the most powerful and efficient of the list. With a 6.0 HP performance and capable of storing up to 12 gallons of residues, it will help everyone in practically any type of vacuuming without problems.

What’s better about it, is that it comes with its own cart for easier portability and mobility. The large carry handle makes it totally easy to manage, and helps the 20-feet power cord to be easier to store. And of course, it comes with its own set of accessories and even an accesory bag for more convenient.

  • Comfortable and Convenient
  • Incredibly Powerful
  • Extremely Effective and Reliable

  • More Expensive Than Most

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Shop-Vac 2036000 Hang-On Wet & Dry Vacuum

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Maybe the cheapest, yet the most comfortable and reliable out there, this 2.5 HP Vacuum from Shop-Vac is outstandingly good. You won’t find any device as small as this one, and not with such a reliable performance. It can provide 2.5 HP of power for superior effectiveness when using, and thanks to its small and light 8lbs design, carrying it won’t be a problem at all.

It is mostly recommended for light uses like cleaning the car and cleaning furniture, yet it also works for a little heavier works like cleaning big rooms, especially when you make use of its additional accessories. In addition, it works really quiet so it won’t be uncomfortable in any way.

  • Portable and Comfortable
  • Much Smaller Than Any Other
  • Outstanding Versatility

  • Less Powerful than Others

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Craftsman 12004 Wet & Dry Vac

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This is the cheapest shop vacs of the powerful ones. Capable of delivering a 3 HP performance, this Craftsman wet/dry vack coms with a 6-gallon storage for better capacity and a longer work performance. What’s better, it is capable of cleaning up to 17 feet away thanks to the 7-feet hose and a 10-feet power cord, plus two extension wands for even superior reach.

The vac can be converted into a blower easily, so it can be used not only to clean but to blow leaves, dust, dirt, or just liquids when needed. The product by itself is small and can be stored practically anywhere. And of course, it is easy to carry and pretty reliable in its construction.

  • Really Cheap for its Performance
  • Convenient and Reliable
  • Versatile and Effective

  • Not as Powerful as Expected

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Armor All Utility AA225 Vacuum

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This is the smallest shop vac of the list, while also being the cheapest, it can deliver a 2 HP performance that works well for short and small vacuuming works,  and can also provide an outstanding reliability and convenient thanks to its small design.

It can be used practically anywhere, as it comes with a 6-feet hose and a 10-foot cord, easily one of the longest for small devices like this. And of course, the product is handheld, despite not having wheels or an easier way to transport it, you won’t have any problem when managing it. What’s more, it comes with 2.5 gallon storage, enough for its size.

  • Small and Extremely Convenient
  • Outstandingly Effective for its Size
  • Cheapest of the Bunch

  • Small Storage Space

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Vacmaster VBV1210 12-Gallon 5 HP

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Not only it is extremely powerful with a 5 HP power, it is also extremely efficient and amazingly reliable each time you use it. When you have a 12-gallon storage and a 7-feet house with a 2.5-inches diameter opening, you get a perfect convenience and comfort no other device can provide. It also comes with every accesory you need, from a blower bozzle, to a blower adapter, a cartridge filter, a utility nozzle, and even a reusable foam filter.

The device can offer up to 210 MPH of blowing speed, so you can blow everything from leaves to liquids. And of course, it comes with its own drain port, so you can suck anything you want without having to store it inside. And it comes with a top handle for easier use, and wheels for easier mobility.

  • Powerful and Effective
  • Extremely Reliable and Versatile
  • Comfortable and Highly Convenient

  • Harder to Clean


Want to start vacuuming your house? Then you need an excellent shop-vac. But for that, it is essential to know what makes a good option, so you can choose correctly and be satisfied with your purchase. Take a look further and find out more about the different features that make an excellent Shop-Vac…


These devices are typically used on almost any type of application which demands vacuuming, including cleaning cars, basements, attics, offices or just whatever requires constant cleaning. And most of the time, these places need a compact device, or else the cleaning may become utterly uncomfortable. That’s why it is crucial to pick well-sized devices, especially if they are powerful enough. Shop-vacs, are generally small yet incredibly potent and reliable. Some models are incredibly small to the point of allowing users to carry them in the palm of the hand, while others may be so big they need wheels to transport them. But it is important to note that the bigger the device, the more powerful it is but heavier than smaller ones, so they become too uncomfortable to use. So take that into consideration.


Most Shop-Vacs offer power measures on HP (Horse Power), as they work with electric but traditional motors to suck air. The most common power measure for these devices is 3 to 4 HP, yet some devices can go from 1 up to 6.5 HP so you can pick a wide variety of models according to your needs. 1 HP devices, for example, are mostly recommended for easier performances, like cleaning a car or furniture, while the most potent ones may work correctly for more demanding activities where the power becomes essential. However, HP is measured according to the type of type of nozzle being used, the type of thing that is being vacuumed and how much airflow the device can provide. If you want a reliable and versatile tool that is not the most powerful but can work for almost any application, choose something of 4 to 5 HP, and it will be more than enough.


Whether you are going to vacuum some liquids or wood spilling, it is essential to have a reliable storage that offers enough capacity and still provides excellent protection against leaks and other drawbacks. For this, it is important to consider the type of material the tank is made of, where stainless steel is always the most reliable, and plastic, despite being reliable as well, is not as efficient and durable. On the other hand, stainless steel is also a lot easier to clean, as it promotes less sticking of everything it vacuums, especially when it comes to liquids.

For an even better selection on your purchase, take into account the following advice:

- Always make sure that the device comes with additional accessories like hoses, nozzles, blowers and more. This will make the device a lot more versatile and convenient for different applications.

- Most devices offer a handle and maybe even hang-on clips so you can put it on a wall. These come pretty handy for transportation and mobility, yet some are so big they also need wheels. Consider transportation and movement when you buy one of these.

- Even though extensions are a standard household item, some people don’t have one, and you may be one of them. This means that if the device doesn’t offer enough power cord, it won’t be too comfortable to use, and may even become unusable for specific Make sure your choice comes with at least 4-feet, yet you may find models with up to 18-feet power cords.

This advice and recommendations will help you make a much better decision when it comes to buying a Shop-Vac, so don’t waste the opportunity to learn more about them and get entirely satisfied with the right choice.

Use our help to pick the perfect Shop-Vac, and you will get the most reliable and quality-oriented model for sure. Follow our guide and consider our list of options – you won’t regret it!

It’s time to start cleaning your house, yet you don’t have the proper equipment to do it. What better than an excellent Shop-Vac like the following ones to start doing it? Come and see why!

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