10 Best Paint Sprayer 2017

Have to paint your house but find it really annoying? There’s nothing as perfect to make your painting more entertaining and effective than a good paint sprayer…

With one of these excellent devices, you can improve your exponentially your overall experience of painting. You won’t have to spend the same amount of time or effort in the same place, wall or object while you paint, as they make it more accessible and much more comfortable. They work for those tricky places where you can’t reach with a paintbrush or paint roller, and will also be faster than any other painting tool you can think of. But there’s a problem – there are hundreds of options out there to consider…

So, do you want to choose the right one according to your needs and desires? Here we have a list with the highest-quality paint sprayers out there for you to consider – keep reading and find out more!

10 Paint Sprayer Review 2017

SPRAYIT Gravity Feed SP-352

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Simple, small, lightweight, comfortable and still effective – this Sprayit SP-352 Gravity Feed is an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t need the most efficient device but still wants a good performance. With this one, you will receive a 60 PSI working pressure, a 6.0 CFM air pressure, and an excellent 13.5 oz. Aluminum cup for liquids.

Additionally, thanks to its small and lightweight design, you will be able to use it in the hardest of places without a problem. It provides fan pattern controls, adjustable fluid, and better and more precise application.

  • Really Small and Comfortable
  • Effective Despite its Size
  • Totally Affordable

  • Deficient Spray Pattern

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Central Pneumatic High Volume Gravity Feed

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The Central Pneumatic High-Volume spray comes with all the necessary controls to configure a more powerful painting, from the fluid control to fan pattern – to make it a high-quality device despite its smaller size and low price. It can be used to spray any type of surface from metals to urethanes and even lacquers or enamels. Thanks to its size it is pretty versatile to reach hardest places, and it is lightweight as well.

Its 70 Psi working pressure makes it efficient, especially for its 10-inches paint pattern and it’s fantastic 1.5 mm nozzle size. And if you wanted great durability, you will obtain that as well.

  • Pretty Effective for its Size
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Great Spray Pattern

  • A Little Slower Than Others

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TCP Global Brand G6600 Professional Spray GUN

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The TCP Global professional spray gun for painting and primer can be a perfect chance for those who want outstanding performance and reliability at all times. With a 2.0 mm nozzle and a liter of capacity in the aluminum cup, you can enjoy from an entirely practical performance as well as an easy-to-use product.

It provides the user of control knobs for everything, from the Full Adjustment for the spray pattern to the fluid control and even air pressure. Additionally, the nozzle set alongside the stainless steel needle makes it easier to configure entirely. It offers a 51 PSI working pressure, a 7.1 air CFM, and a 7.1-inches spray pattern for superior affectivity.

  • Well-Made and Durable Design
  • Really Effective Performance
  • Wonderful Spray Pattern

  • Not Recommended for Dense Paint

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Astro Spray Gun 4008

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Comfortable design and a high-quality performance, that’s what the Astro 4008 spray gun with a 1.8mm nozzle offer, so you can be assured it will always deliver the results you want. It is easily one of the most effective taking into account it is tinier than others. Also, it is straightforward to use, with its adjustable fan size, material rate, paint, substrate and even fan shape.

You can get a superior spray pattern; a convenient anti-spill air feed line design and an excellent easy-to-clean construction so even beginners with no experience with this device can use it without a problem. It works with 7-16 CFM compressed air.

  • Totally Easy To Clean
  • Really Effective
  • Convenient Construction and Design

  • Small Spray Pattern

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Neiko 31215A HVLP 600cc Spray

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The Neiko HVLP 600cc spray gun offers a superior performance and exceptional reliability despite its small size. It is made of high-quality stainless steel for an excellent resistance against all types of uses, as well as it makes it much more durable than the rest.

The HLVP gravity feed design helps to improve the overall performance, while also offering an additional adjustable valve for a custom paint application. Offers 40 PSI of working pressure and provides 4.5 CFM of air performance. It comes with a 600cc aluminum cup with air regulator and a really convenient cleaning brush.

  • Performance-Oriented Construction
  • Effective and Reliable Design
  • Extremely Durable

  • A Little Deficient Spray Pattern

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Critter Spray Siphon Gun 118SG

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Even though it looks as it is a less reliable product than others, it actually offers a superior performance than most. With the Critter Spray Siphon Gun 118SG, you will obtain an excellent effectiveness and total reliability when painting, with a 5.0 CFM at a 90 PSI working pressure, there’s nothing this device can’t-do.

It is entirely convenient as well, thanks to its Mason jars compatibility where you can store any type of paint so you can use it anywhere. Provides a 2-inches spray pattern and can be used even in the hardest of places thanks to its small but useful construction.

  • Excellent Performance and Effectiveness
  • Convenient and Easy-to-Use Design
  • Reliable and Durable Construction

  • A Little Small Spray Pattern

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Devilbiss Finishline 4 Paint Gun

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The Devilbiss Finishline 4 Paint Gun is a perfect addition to anyone’s painting items, both for its incredible performance as well as for its excellent construction, durability, and effectiveness. You won’t believe how useful this paint gun can be, working at a 23 PSI pressure and needing at least 10 CFM, it will offer the most suitable spray pattern you can think of, while also providing additional storage space with a 900cc aluminum cup.

The nozzle is 1.8mm but also provides two other nozzles or tips at 1.3 and 1.5mm for a more convenient use. Provides users with a valve to adjust air and high-quality anodized internal passages for superior reliability when working. The entire device is made of military-grade stainless steel.

  • Wonderfully Effective
  • Powerful for Its Size
  • Much More Durable Construction

  • Too Expensive

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HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer

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Now it’s time to present the most potent sprayers out there, and we begin with the 400 watts HomeRight Finish Max that makes merely any previous candidate look like a mouse alongside a tiger. It’s mightier in almost every way, offering a 2.0mm brass tip or nozzle that can be adjusted to work in a horizontal, vertical or circular direction without any problem.

The container made of plastic offers 27 ounces of liquid capacity and comes with an easy-to-use and a versatile number of adjustments. You can paint whatever you want with it, and can also be used for hard places thanks to a lightweight design despite being more prominent than others.

  • Really Powerful Design
  • Superior Nozzle Functionality
  • Effective and Convenient

  • Needs to Be Used Patiently

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Wagner FLEXiO 590

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The most versatile and easy-to-use device on the list, the Wagner FlexiO 590 is also incredibly powerful so you can be assured that everything you paint with it will be painted correctly. The iSpray nozzle offers superior performance and effectiveness, and the Lock-N-Go feature makes it comfortable and easy to use.

It offers 9 different speeds so you can paint at your own pace without any bad result, and always safer according to your needs. The X-Boost turbine makes the device really powerful, especially when it comes to working with dense paints or liquids, making it really efficient. You can use it anywhere and get incredible results easily.

  • Superior Quality Entirely
  • Excellent Performance and Effectiveness
  • Convenient X-Boost Turbine Feature

  • A Little Deficient Spray

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Graco Magnum X5 TrueAirless Sprayer

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You won’t believe how powerful and useful can a spray be until you see how much the Graco Magnum X5 features. This incredible option, with a fully adjustable design and a really durable construction, provides users of an astonishing reliability in every way so everyone can be assured that it will deliver an adequate performance at all times.

The PowerFlush Adapter allows users to connect garden hoses for more natural cleaning. The Suction tube makes it much more convenient, as it can be attached directly to paint buckets. Offers an RAC IV SwitchTip for an Anti-clogged function and the SG2 spray gun offers superior effectiveness and spray pattern. Entirely, it is much more performance and quality-oriented than most.

  • Powerful and Effective
  • Incredible Performance
  • Superior Versatility and Convenience

  • Really Expensive


The right sprayer can be yours only if you know how to pick it the perfect one. And that can be a challenging task for most people, especially when they don’t know what to consider when buying. But you’re in luck today, here we will present to you all the necessary features and details of paint sprayers you need to find when purchasing, so you can eventually make a much more accurate final purchase:


There are not many types of paint sprayers, but in the market, you will find both sprayers and guns. This means that you will have to choose correctly to know exactly what you want. For example, paint sprayers come with their own compressor and sometimes the ability to use paint directly from the pain can occur without any problem. However, they tend to be a lot bigger and much more expensive, and of course, their air compression power tends to get limited by the compressor it comes with.

On the other hand, paint guns are a lot cheaper but offer not the compressor. However, they often work with more power so they can provide a much more efficient performance when using. Additionally, you can easily attach the paint gun to any compressor you want, so you use the type of compression power you like.


The first thing you need to consider, and the thing that will tell you how useful the product is. The more power, the more paint it will be able to spray, and thus, the more surface space you will be to paint. That’s why it is crucial. Commonly, this power is measured in CFM and PSI. Go for something above the 5 CFM and 20 PSI for better performance and effectiveness.

Tips or Nozzles

The size of the nozzle is critical when you choose a paint sprayer. With a big-enough nose, you will have more opportunities to paint more efficient than with a smaller one. But it all depends on the design. Make sure the trunk is circular for superior performance unless it can be adjusted to work in many ways. Additionally, look for nozzles or tips that are no less than 1.5mm, so the performance doesn’t get affected.

Here are a few additional recommendations to consider when choosing the right sprayer:

- Most sprayers will come with a big compressor. But some do not. So make sure you select a paint gun if you have a compressor, else, go sure it comes with its own compressor.

- Paint capacity is significant as well, especially if you are painting a big surface. Remember to choose according to the type of use you’re going to give it.

- Most paint sprayers are made of stainless steel for easier cleaning and more durability. Make sure your choice is also steel.

A good sprayer should provide adjustable settings for a more convenient and professional performance. Check for that when buying as well.

Finally, just remember to look for a paint spray with patience and taking into consideration each critical feature. In the end, it is all about knowing what you need it for and how much power, effectiveness and ease-of-use you want.

The right sprayer is a lot easier to choose when you know how to do it, so remember to take our recommendations into account when buying for an easier and more effective pick.

Let yourself paint everything more efficiently with the right sprayer. Here’s everything you need to know, so come and take a look!

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