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10 Best Orbital Sander 2017

Is there something more annoying than sanding a piece of wood without the proper tool? There’s no doubt about it, that’s why you should consider one of the following orbital sanders to make it easier…

Sanding woods is an activity not many people like to do by themselves, as it can be really tiring and uncomfortable unless you use an orbital sander. One of these wonderful devices can make the sanding of wood in an incredibly efficient, faster, and easier way, making every piece of wood look excellently. Yet, it all depends on the quality of the device, as some won’t deliver the results you need.

That’s why it is important to choose a high-quality orbit sander if you really want to get yourself an efficient and useful product. Here we have everything you need to know about one of these and more – so check it out!

10 Orbital Sander Review 2017

HICO HET-205 Palm Sander

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This palm sander with a 6-inches random orbital pad design with 8 holes, offers a 2.0 AMP powered performance and a speed of 12,000 RPM, making it capable for any type of wood, creating the smoothest finishes you can think of for an excellent price.

It features a grip-oriented body, with a rubberized top for an anti-slip experience. You will also enjoy a much easier use with a comfortable feeling, a controllable pad speed with minimized a gouging and a fan-cooled motor for more reliability when using. Additionally, it provides a tremendous dust-bag capacity thanks to the vacuum adapter, making it incredibly convenient and versatile.

  • Cheap but Reliable
  • Well-Made Entirely
  • Really Easy to Use and Convenient

  • Dust-Bag is Unreliable

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Ingersoll-Rand 328B Air Geared Sander

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Ingersoll-Rand is a brand that always delivers high-quality tools for home and work use, and this time, with the 328B orbital sander, there’s no doubt they’ve made another great product as well. This one, with an 8-inches orbit pad, makes the work a lot easier and comfortable than most. And of course, you will be able to use it anywhere as it is air-geared, so you don’t need any type of electricity or power to use.

The ball-bearing construction is well-balanced for superior performance and reliability. And thanks to the overall lightweight build, you won’t have any problem transporting the tool wherever you go. You will leave a clean finish even in the hardest of woods with the power of your hand.

  • Amazingly Easy to Use
  • Uses no Electricity
  • Big and Comfortable 8-Inches Pad

  • Not as Powerful as Electric Ones

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RIDGID R2601Random Orbit Sander

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When we talk about Ridgid, we are immediately talking about premium quality, for sure. That’s precisely what the ZRR2601 random sander offers, a superior performance and unbelievably easy-to-use design that makes all types of wood sanding a lot more entertaining and faster than you can think of.

The device is electric, with a 5-inches pad and a speed of up to 12,000 RPM. You will feel at first use how it improves your overall sanding experience. It features a hook and loop pad for a more straightforward fit and movement. Also comes with a pad brake to avoid gouges in the device, an an excellent dust bag that works incredibly good alongside the AirGuard dust collection system.

  • Superior Performance
  • Incredibly Effective
  • Really Useful AirGuard Dust-Collection System

  • Not as Durable as Others

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SKIL 7492-02 Sander

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Want a more reliable product to sand your wood? This fantastic SKIL sander with pressure control allows you to make the experience of sanding a lot more safe and comfortable. With a 5-inches pad design and the faster stock removal with a 2.8 AMP motor, you won’t have any problem using it, making effective sanding easier and faster.

When you use too much pressure, the control panel will warn you to ease out. And you can use the pad broke to minimize the gouging when doing it, for a reliable performance. It comes with a dust bag and thanks to the micro-filtration design you will work on a much cleaner surface without having to do constant cleaning by yourself.

  • Really Effective and Powerful
  • Convenient Pressure Warning Feature
  • Useful Micro-Filtration System

  • Dust Bag is Unreliable

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VonHaus 5-inch Random Orbit Sander

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Superior power with a 3.5 AMP sander, the VonHaus orbital is a perfect addition to anyone’s home tools for wood, primarily because it is one of the most power-oriented out there. With the ability to go from 6000 to 13,000 RPM in a few seconds, the sander will help you smoothening even the hardest of woods without a problem, with a 5-inches sand pad and an 8-hole hook and loop design.

The entire device is light despite its great power and offers an easy-to-hold built for a more comfortable and safer use. Additionally, the dust bag is reliable and convenient, making the product really efficient most of the time. It comes with additional polishing pads and sanding pads as well.

  • Really Powerful Performance
  • Totally Reliable Built
  • Convenient Kit

  • Really Big Construction

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PORTER-CABLE 380 Orbital Finish Palm Sander

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Won’t have to put your hands on any other tool after you try the 380 Porter-Cable Orbital Finish palm sander which offers a superior, powerful performance, a high-speed 13,600 OPM finish capability, and a 2.0 AMP design, so you can know what a good sander is all about.

You will get an improved finish with this one, thanks to its 5-inches sheet pad, a minimized aggressiveness for wood, and a great dust bag for a cleaner work. The low-vibration design thanks to the dual plane is also really useful, making it easier and more comfortable to work with. At last, you will be able to sand corners more efficiently with this one, thanks to its squared pad.

  • Well-Made and Easy-to-use Design
  • Superior Performance
  • Really Useful and Convenient Built

  • Not as Versatile as Others

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Black & Decker BDERO100 Orbit Sander

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Want to remove all the dust and imperfection from your wood objects in a more effective way? The Black & Decker BDERO100 with a 5-inches pad is a powerful yet soft tool that will allow you to create the highest-quality finish you can think of. And of course, it will always be easier to use, more comfortable and faster than any other.

The hook and loop system, for example, makes it really convenient when using, working really great alongside the dust bag, and dust sealed switch that will help you let all the dust and debris out of the process. The entire product is really versatile to use, with a light construction and compact design, working really well with the ergonomic finish.

  • Cheapest Sander Out There
  • Professional Effectiveness
  • Totally Easy to Use

  • A Little Slow

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Bosch ROS20VSC Random Sander

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Reliable and quality-oriented, Bosch products are always recommended no matter what type of activity you want to do. In this case, the ROS20VSC with a 5-inches pad and an optimized rotation design for superior performance will help you furnish all types of wood without a problem, making even the hardest of wood look immensely better.

This device comes with a 2.5 AMP powered feature, and an OPM from 7,500 to 12,000 – making it incredibly powerful and useful, while also being faster and much more comfortable to use thanks to the hook & look disc design. And if you want to work cleaner, the tool comes with its own dust bag, a micro-filter system that will help you bag out all dust and recipients from the wood.

  • Perfect Performance
  • Reliable and Easy-to-use Design
  • High-Quality Construction

  • Not as Fast As Expected

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Makita BO5041K Orbit Sander

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Fast, powerful, reliable, and clean. The Makita B05041K is a great choice for anyone who just needs reliability and good results. This superior-quality orbit sander features a 5-inches pad, a 3.0 AMP motor, and a 4,000 to 12,000 OPM speed control, making it incredibly efficient for all types of wood sanding.

The ergonomic design makes it both easy and comfortable to use, thanks to its rubberized grip. The handle helps you do the sanding in even the hardest of places without a problem. And of course, the trigger switch works incredibly good for superior safety when using, alongside the clean dust-bag with a high-capacity built-in adapter for vacuums. The pad it uses are 5-inches with 8-hole abrasive paper with hook & look system.

  • Long-Lasting and Reliable
  • Great Performance and Convenience
  • Superior Safety & Cleaning Features

  • A Little Expensive

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DEWALT DWE6421K Orbit Sander

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Totally affordable, yet incredibly useful and powerful performance, the Dewalt DWE6412 is an almost perfect device for everyone. You won’t find a type of wood impossible to furnish with this tool, as it comes with 3.0 AMP motor which offers a 12,000 OPM pad speed, easy to control with its switch.

Additionally, this sander comes with a rubber-molded grip-oriented design, so you can use it safer and more comfortably than any other. It also features an excellent microfilter system for superior dust collection, and a well-made small construction so you can use it even in the hardest-to-reach places. Finally, it comes with its own carrying case so you can take it with you wherever you go, easily.

  • Incredibly Reliable and Long-Lasting Construction
  • Perfect Price for Its Superior Quality
  • Powerful and Clean Performance

  • Hard to Connect with a Vacuum


Want an ideal sander to make the furnishing of your wood objects a lot easier and comfortable? There’s no doubt you need to learn more about them so you can make sure not only that you are choosing a good sander, but the perfect one for you. Here’s what you should know before buying:


The power of a sander is measured in AMPs, where the least recommended measure would be anything less than 2.0. A good sander should be at least 2.0 to offer around 10,000 OPM of speed in the pad as a maximum. Those sanders with less than 10,000 OPM as a maximum, won’t be as good as a sander which offers at 11,000 or more, as it won’t get as many deficiencies from wood as needed. As a recommendation, go for 2.5 or 3.0 AMP sanders, they often offer an adequate performance, a much better OPM speed, and an overall better result.


There are various types of disks for several types of wood. But these are not really too difficult to choose, as they are generally efficient no matter the quality. Yet, some may not be as durable as others.

The real matter here is how easy they are to change, and it all depends on how big the pad of the sander is, and how many holes it comes with. Also, it is essential to consider the type of changing system. For this, we recommend using smaller pads of 5 or 6 inches, and it should come with at least a 7-hole locking system and a hook-and-look changing method. This way the device would be a lot more comfortable to use and to set up.


Extremely important to consider, the grip of the tool will help you find out if it is safe to use, comfortable, and overall easy to manage. We recommended molded or rubberized holds, with an ergonomic design that will make it much more efficient at the moment of using. Also, remember that these products work on pressure, so the easier it is to press, the better the performance.

Here are a few additional tips to consider when buying an orbital sander:

- Most sanders come with their own microfilter or dust-bag system. Some of them may not. If this is the case, make sure it offers a vacuum attaching system. It will help you work more efficiently and cleanly.

- The speed of the sander should be variable or easy to set. Most sanders can go from 4,000 to 10,000 quickly, with just a little tweaking. This helps to make a more efficient sanding according to your needs.

- Consider the type of use you’re going to give to the product and make sure it fits your needs. From weight to size, and even speed or power. Don’t overlook these features.

It is effortless to find the right one, so it’s not necessary to worry. Just remember to consider the various features that make a sander so you can eventually make a choice you won’t regret, and will ultimately help you make the sanding much more efficient and less annoying.

Don’t let the sanding get annoying and impossible to do. Choose the right orbital sander with our help now, and you won’t believe how useful these devices can be!

Tired of sanding your wood objects by hand? One of these wonderful orbital sanders can be the perfect solution for you – come and see!

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