10 Best Multimeter 2017

Need to change the electric wiring at home, or just install a new outlet? Use one of the following multimeters, and you won’t have any problem to do it…

With these devices, you can do almost everything you could need, from troubleshooting electrical equipment to help you install or fix devices or a wide variety of other stuff. This makes them incredibly versatile, especially for electrical engineers or technicians who typically work with electrical devices and the like. And even more important than that, a multimeter can become an essential tool for every work, as they offer perfect usability in almost every situation. That’s why you need a good one.

But to choose the right multimeter, it’s essential to know what options you have, and eventually become well-versed in how they work and how to pick the one for you. Here’s all the information you need to know…

10 Multimeter Review 2017

Crenova MS8233D Auto-Ranging AC Voltage Detector

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The Crenova MS8223D is a practical, accurate and pretty easy-to-use multimeter that works for anyone. From professionals to beginners, this device can provide the user with a high-quality performance at all times, as well as a really durable construction, so it lasts longer and becomes an essential part of your equipment.

The multimeter features an Over-Load protection, using the PTC circuit for Resistance. Additionally, it has an LCD display alongside a measuring instrument for data hold, backlight, function switcher and a Maximum Value hold. It will power off by itself. It can be used with Voltage, AMP, and OHM without problems as well.

  • Recommended for Experts and Beginners Alike
  • Long-Lasting
  • Really Accurate

  • Deficient Max Hold

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AstroAI AM33D Digital Tester Meter

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One of the most accurate and cheap devices out there, the AstroAI AM33D is an excellent opportunity for those technicians who are short on a budget but still want a pretty good item to test electrical devices and the like accurately.

It can test up voltage, resistance, diode, continuity, DC current and much more. Won’t be a problem to use it in any way and will eventually feature a pretty comfortable LCD display for more visibility when using. And of course, it is entirely reliable and durable so you can trust in its quality entirely.

  • Really Small and Portable Design
  • Easy to Use and Accurate
  • Versatile and Convenient

  • A Little Confusing Indicators

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Etekcity MSR-R500 Electronic Voltage Meter

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The Etekcity MSR-R500 can a fantastic choice for those who need great performance at a really low price. This incredible overload protected multimeter offers a protective rubber sleeve for safer use, a great LCD display for more visibility and a greatly versatile range of applications, from voltage and current meter, to resistance, diode and continuity measures.

Everyone can use it without problems and comes in a minimal design for even better and most comfortable use. Additionally, it is made of high-quality materials entirely, with a hugely grip-oriented and resistant plastic shell for superior durability. Also, it comes with its own continuity buzzer so you can know if the electrical components are working or not.

  • Totally Compact Design
  • Incredibly Accurate for the Price
  • Really Easy to Use Entirely

  • Not as Accurate as Expected

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Neoteck 8233D PRO 2000

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Has a high capacitance, an accurate frequency measurement, as well as a precise current and voltage meter. The 8223D PRO 2000 from Neoteck is reliable, well-made, really accurate, and wonderfully efficient for both experts and beginners without problems. The backlight LCD display makes it easy to read even in the darkest areas, and thanks to its orange shell, you won’t have any problem while using it.

The CE Rated multimeter comes with an excellent overload protection, making sure everyone can use it safely. Also, it features double current fuses, a continuity sound for tests, a Data Hold function, a diode test and a 9V battery, so it lasts longer when working too.

  • Excellent Performance
  • Superior Reliability
  • Really Convenient Design

  • Deficient Capacitance Measurement

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Thsinde Auto-Ranging Multimeter

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As a sturdy and reliable product, this one comes with a True 6000 RMS count display, a non-contact voltage alert, a continuity test, and a great 10 auto-ranging features like AC/DC current and voltage. Also, it provides resistance, diode, frequency and an NCV test; the Thsinder Multimeter is easily one of the most accurate and useful of the bunch without a doubt.

It is incredibly safe to use thanks to a PTC circuit made of ceramics, with a shielding interference on the Diode and Continuity tents. Also, it features a really clear LCD vision, totally useful even in the darkest areas. And of course, it provides superior short-circuit and over-load protections as well.

  • Extremely Reliable
  • Incredibly Safe to Use
  • Wonderfully Versatile

  • Can Be Hard To Use

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SURPEER Multi Capacitor Voltmeter

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If you want superior performance and a really excellent quality in your multimeter, there’s no other option than the SURPEER for you. This impressive 20000 digit measurement device, offering a much more accurate precision, will help you even in the hardest of applications, making sure you can enjoy more features with exceptional reliability.

You can test DC voltage and current, AC voltage and current, you can check the resistance, the frequency, the continuity and the diode plus a lot more. The device features a really well-designed LCD display with Auto-Polarity, being able to portray readings accurately and precisely.

  • Totally Accurate Performance
  • Much More Reliable and Durable
  • Incredibly Convenient and Versatile

  • Cheap Case Construction

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INNOVA 3320 Digital

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Looks really cool because it offers a wide variety of useful features, the INNOVA 3320 is a wonderfully helpful device that will make anyone who works with electric devices really satisfied. This excellent product provides the user with an auto-ranging capability, a large LCD display, excellent resistance, accurate performance and an incredibly safe use method so everyone can get a hold of it without problems.

Mostly works with household electrical problems, yet it can also be used with automotive applications easily. It features exceptionally well-made LED lights to accurate represent electricity current and the like. And of course, it is resistance and durable, plus being really safe thanks to its rubber corner guards shell.

  • Greatly Accurate Measurements
  • Safe and Durable Construction
  • Wide Variety of Features

  • Not as Reliable as Expected

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Tacklife DM01M Advanced Multimeter

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Complete and utterly versatile, the Tacklife DM01M is an advanced device everyone can make use of, from simple household workers to professionals, without problems at all. It can measure everything from voltage to AMPs and even Ohms and Farads. And what’s even better, it can be used anywhere you want, as it can resist even the coldest or hottest of environments.

The device features a really well-made True RMS measurement, making sure it will give even more accurate results. Also, provides an MCV test and continuity test as well, both useful and reliable in every way. And if you want even more convenience from the product, you can enjoy a Flashlight that works pretty great with the backlight display too.

  • Complete Range of Features
  • Well-Made and Durable Construction
  • Excellent Performance in Cold and Hot Places

  • Battery-Consuming Backlight and Flashlight

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Exwell Multimeter

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Not the most feature-rich of the list, yet one of the most reliable and affordable without doubt; the Exwell multimeter can give an incredible performance, always accurate and dependable, while also being totally easy to use. It features a wide range of applications, from DC and AC current and voltage measurements, from diodes, continuity, and resistance to transistors and capacitance tests.

This option boasts two additional sets of leads, and provides the user with an entire easy-to-read and use construction. And finally, it comes with a clear and reliable LCD display, making it incredibly convenient for every type of use. It works with a 9V battery that can last more than others.

  • Totally Reliable and Easy-to-Use for the Price
  • Many Features to Enjoy
  • Durable and Resistant Construction

  • A Little Hard to Use Sometimes

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Fluke 115 Compact Digital Multimeter

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For those who look for perfection, there’s always an option for that – the Fluke multimeters. This one, the 115 Compact Digital device will give a totally reliable performance, an excellent reliability and long-lasting construction, a safe use at all times, and more accurate results that will make anyone satisfied.

It comes with a LED backlight when it is needed, alongside a great LCD display and a fantastic True-RMS feature. It is capable of testing frequency, continuity, resistance and capacitance without problems while being totally easy to use by anyone, including professionals. And it can last a lifetime working, a lot more than most.

  • High-Quality Performance and Construction
  • Reliable, Accurate and More Versatile
  • Incredible Durability and Resistance

  • Expensive


A multimeter is a device that should have many different applications without problems, always accurately and without problems. Yet, not all multimeters actually offer that accuracy and reliability everyone looks for, so it’s important to check them up before buying them. Here we have the most critical features you should consider before making your choice so you can obtain a much more accurate and reliable product:


Multimeters can be used for both household applications for simple wirings, testings and the like, or professional ones, meaning industrial and buildings with a more complex and higher-capacity electric performance. These two often comes with different features, while the household device may be less resistance to high-voltage measurement, it can be much easier to use. On the other hand, the professional meter can be a lot more resistance, but often much more complicated to use, sometimes only useful for experts in the matter. Yet, it all comes down to the design and type of use you’re going to give to the device. If you don’t plan to use it professionally, go for a simpler meter, they also cost a lot less.


The most common measurement unit is voltage, so every multimeter should always offer a voltage meter, both AC and DC. However, it is also vital for an excellent device to be accurate for currents, resistance, continuity, while also offering a diode checker. The most professional meters may even provide the opportunity to measure Farads. And of course, all these features need to have a great accuracy or else the product won’t be as good. For that, just make sure that products with a lower price come with fewer features than the most expensive, so you can be sure that even for a lower price you can obtain more reliability and accuracy.


Today, you won’t find many tools like these that are analog, so it is most common to start finding mostly LCD and LED displays on multimeters. This is really important because the most legible and easy-to-use the product is, the more reliable it will be as well, primarily when working in dark places. A backlight is often handy as well. Just make sure the product offers the opportunity to use it in really dark environments.


A perfect multimeter needs to be safe and reliable, so you won’t have any problem while using and eventually becomes easy to maneuver. For that, just make sure the product comes with a plastic construction, maybe offering additional rubber shells for even more safety. Also, depending on the construction of the product, you can tell how much it will last, so look for a product that looks and feels sturdy and reliable, often with a much higher price but always worthy.

No matter what type of use you’re going to give the device, it is for sure that you want a quality product. That’s why you better follow these tips and consider our recommendations, so you can eventually buy a product that will help you do any electrical work more efficiently and safer.

Make yourself a great electrician with the right device, choose a high-quality multimeter and get everything done much faster and better.

When working with electricity you will eventually need a product to measure voltage – so why not use an excellent multimeter for that? Here we have the ones you should consider…

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