10 Best Knife Sharpener 2017

Want to make a good roast beef but can’t find the way to cut the meat efficiently? You may be in need of a good knife sharpener, an item you won’t regret having at home…

Most knives tend to get dull in just a few weeks, sometimes just days – and that can be a real problem when you use your knives constantly, especially when you cut things like meat and the like. For this, there’s always a great solution – a knife sharpener. Yes, these devices will make your knives have a full sharp edge, but only when the sharpener is effective enough. If the device is not good enough, it may even make your knife weaker and eventually unusable.

That’s why you need to take a look at the following recommendations from us, so you can eventually buy a sharpener that’s worth it.

10 Knife Sharpener Review 2017

Vokram Manual Knife Sharpener

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A manual sharpener with 3 different sharpeners to use, this Vokram device is one of the most recommended out there, as it is practical, totally easy to use and incredibly reliable. If you want excellent results, use the two tungsten carbide blades to improve your knives’ edges much better than you can think of.

The device also provides the user with a ceramic rod so you can hone your knives even more, especially serrated ones. The item is really easy to use, with a grip-oriented handle, providing superior comfort and reliability when using. Additionally, the sharpener works in just a few strokes, making it much more effective and faster than many others.

  • Extremely Effective
  • Much Comfortable to Use
  • Really Simple Construction

  • Not as Durable as Expected

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Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal

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A multifunction sharpener hasn’t ever been as effective and easy to use as the Smith’s PP1. This excellent device can help you improve even the dullest of knives in just a few strokes, thanks to its diamond coated rod and the carbide blades, working perfectly fine for both serrated and standard edges without a problem.

For those who love versatility and performance, this one comes very handily at all times. It will give a perfectly sharp edge, working perfectly fine entirely, with everything you could expect from one of these devices. And of course, you can finish your edges with the ceramic stones, for smoother and more polished edges.

  • Reliable and Effective Every Time
  • Delivers High-Quality Edges
  • Durable and Resistant Construction

  • A Little Dangerous to Use

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AccuSharp 001

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Simple, user-friendly and entirely versatile – the AccuSharp 001 is a perfect device for anyone who just needs to have a handy and reliable product in the kitchen when needed. It is one of the fastest and most accurate sharpeners out there, and of course, it is also incredibly effective as well, so you can sharpen really dull edges and get the exact result you’re hoping for.

The tungsten carbide used in the item is honed with diamond, making it much more durable and efficient. The frame of the device is made of aluminum, so it can be used wherever and whenever you want. Also, it is a lot safer to use than many others thanks to an ergonomic and protected handle.

  • Very Simple and Reliable Construction
  • Superior Diamond-Honed Carbide
  • Safe and Effective Performance

  • Not as Versatile as Others

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Victorinox Handheld Sharpener

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A straightforward design is always a good idea for someone who’s not waiting to get a premium-quality device, and that’s precisely what this Victorinox handheld sharpener offers, a simple look but with an incredibly effective performance. You won’t believe how useful it can be to have this one in your kitchen if you want to do the sharpening by yourself, faster and a lot better.

This item has a commercial grade construction, so it doesn’t only delivers a great result but has a long-lasting lifespan and reliable effectiveness. It is straightforward to use as well, both comfortable and safe so you won’t have to worry about getting cut nor about getting a bad result.

  • Totally Easy and Safer to Use
  • Durable and Effective Performance
  • Great For Home Use

  • Not Recommended for Restoring

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SunrisePro Supreme Knife Sharpener

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The SunrisePro sharpener is an entirely unusual device yet much more efficient than many others. You won’t believe how sharp it can make your knives in just a few seconds, with diamond precision and always safely. Want to restore your dull knives back, or just want to make sharper ones in a few seconds? This device is what you’re looking for.

The sharpener features tungsten carbide to sharp, making it durable and practical, and eventually good enough to sharpen even harder materials. And what’s even better, this one can be used with premium-quality knives without fearing coarse or ineffective performance. It can grind a wide variety of tools without a problem as well.

  • Unusual but Totally Easy to Use Design
  • Great for Restoring
  • Reliable and Durable Construction

  • Doesn’t Work Well on Serrated Blades

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Presto Professional Electric Sharpener

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An electric sharpener provides a superior reliability, a much more natural performance and eventually becomes really handy, especially when you need a faster device. This is where the Presto Professional Electric sharpener comes into play, with 3 different stages for sharpening, an entirely straightforward design, and an excellent angle to sharpen even the dullest of knives.

It can sharpen every knife you want, from European to Japanese knives without problems, always faster and more efficiently than most. Also, you can adjust the angle of the device to sharpen knives in very different ways, as well as you can choose the thickness of the blade for a more versatile tool entirely.

  • Superior Convenience
  • Versatile Performance
  • Wonderfully Easy to Use

  • A Little Underpowered

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KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2-Stage

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Looks really cool, proves to be fantastic when it comes to effectiveness, and eventually delivers a really easy-to-use design – the KitchenIQ Edge Grip is the perfect manual device everyone should consider when buying one of these. It will make even the oldest knife work as a recently purchased one without problems, which is how effective it is.

It works perfectly fine with coarse knives, renewing and restoring them wonderfully. Thanks to the carbide blades you won’t have to worry about anything, as they don’t only make an excellent sharpening but also deliver a highly superior resistance and durability. And of course, it will be a lot easier and safer to use than others.

  • Reliable, Durable and Effective Design
  • Safe and Easy to Use
  • Looks Great for its Price

  • A Little Small Design

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PriorityChef Diamond Coated Sharpening System

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Versatility is well-received these days, that’s why the Priority Chef Sharpening System is known for being a premium choice for those who want superior performance and overall quality. Many chefs do actually prefer this type of design, a sharpening system with a totally safe and easy-to-use performance at all times.

The stylish design is also important to mention, not only because it makes it look terrific but because it adds to the ergonomic and useful manual construction. The 2-edge sharpening system, additionally, will make every type of knife look great, so you have an almost perfect device, which both looks good and offers excellent effectiveness.

  • Stylish and Sleek Design
  • Comfortable and Easy to Use
  • Much More Effective than Most

  • Doesn’t Restore Knives Effectively

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LINKYO Electric Sharpening System

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Works extremely fast to deliver superior results and will make even the dullest knives look a lot better. The Linkyo sharpening system is an electric device mainly made for people who want reliability, ease of use, and an entirely reliable construction that will last for longer. And of course, for those who need superior effectiveness.

This sharpener is far better than many others, for a lower price and still being good enough to provide excellent results without problems. You will also be safer when using it, with a non-slip suction design for stability, and an automatic blade position guide that works extremely well alongside the stop button.

  • Works Incredibly Fast and Effectively
  • Entirely Easy to Use
  • Much More Durable and Reliable Construction

  • Not as Versatile As Expected

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Chef’s Choice 1520 AngleSelect

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With diamond-honed blades always delivering high-quality sharp edges on any type of knife you desire, the Chef’s Choice 1520 electric sharpener can become your best kitchen partner without a doubt. It is the device that most professional cooks use in the world, both for the incredible performance it offers, as well as for the entirely easy design it provides.

The polishing disks are just flawless, with everything needed to last longer and always deliver the perfect results you are looking for. And thanks to the AngleSelect function, you will be able to optimize the device to fit your needs and desires, making much more versatile and convenient than the majority.

  • Excellent Quality Construction
  • Powerful and Effective Performance
  • Lasts a Lifetime

  • Expensive


Knife sharpeners can eventually become essential in a kitchen, especially in kitchens when cutting and chopping up is an everyday activity. Yet, if the device is not as good as it should, it won’t become a need, sometimes even becoming a problem. But you can avoid that by learning how to choose the right one. Here we have every vital thing you should know, so take a look:


There are two main types of sharpeners, the manual and the electric. Both are good enough according to your needs, where one delivers a high-quality performance almost everywhere you use it, and the other just needs electricity to work well enough. However, you may find many additional details and difference between both, like manual sharpeners being a little harder and dangerous to use, as they need to be stroked against the blade or the other way around. While electric ones just need a knife to be put inside the sharpening hole and that’s it. But it is important to note that manual ones can be a lot less expensive, while also being a little more versatile as well.


A sharpener mainly comes with the “fining” blades and the “restoring” blades. Some may eventually become with an additional sharpening stone or ceramic rod for fining as well, yet these are less common in electrical ones. For this, it is recommended to always go for devices that offer at least 2 different types of sharpening, for standard and for serrated knives accordingly.


The built in a sharpener is not really that important, they only need to be safe to use, smooth and durable. But for that, they need to be constructed well. So go for options which are made of high-quality materials like steel and plastic, making them anti-corrosive and easier to clean. Additionally, make sure the device is stable, especially when it is not used as a handheld item.


The most important part of the construction of a sharpener is, without a doubt, the edges. These are the parts that would fine and sharpen the device, making it usable again and sometimes so sharp that it can become dangerous. To do this, just make sure the blades are made of tungsten carbide or sharpening steel, the most durable and useful materials. Premium options may come with diamond-honed blades, or titanium coatings for superior durability and performance but at a much higher price.

If you want to make the right choice when buying, follow these tips as well:

- A sharpener may also offer the opportunity to use different knives’ thickness. Make sure the device you get fits with the thickness of your favorite blades, at least.

- Some sharpeners are universal, especially the manual ones, which can be used with any type of knife. But electrical ones are typically made in a way that only fit certain types of knives, mainly American and European ones.

- When choosing an electric sharpener, make sure it is not too overpowered or too weak. Powerful ones may wear out your knife too quick and not sharpen efficiently. And weak sharpeners may not do anything at all.

So, need the perfect sharpener for the kitchen or for your travels and adventures? You just need to follow our instruction and consider our list of recommendations. You won’t believe how useful one of these devices can be, especially when you have the right one.

Stop wasting your time; get a good knife sharpener now! Get to cut whatever you want without problems, while also doing it safely and efficiently. The right sharpener is waiting for you.

Looking for an excellent sharpener for your knives? Here’s everything you need to know and much more. Take into consideration our advice, and you will be able to get an incredible device.

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