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10 Best Jigsaw 2017

Do you know which the most effective product to make even cuts to wood and ceramic is? That would be a jigsaw, the perfect device to do clean cuts to a wide variety of materials…

When using a jigsaw, you will realize how useful they can be, not only to cut things evenly and cleanly but to also deliver a much faster and precise performance, helping to make forms and shapes in the cut as well. This transforms a jigsaw into one of the most versatile products to cut things out there, and one of the most recommended as well. But don’t think that buying one of these is easy, as it is not, at all.

These devices may offer a vast variety of features which may change the use and the entire performance of the product, for better or for worse – according to your needs. This is why you should always consider as many options as you can, like the following ones…

10 Jigsaw Review 2017

WEN 3602 6 Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw

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Powerful and efficient yet really cheap, the WEN 3602 Orbital Jigsaw is an interesting option for those who don’t need a superior-performance device, but still one a product that delivers excellent results. With a 6 AMP motor, it can cut wood as thick as 4-inches without a problem, while also being able to cut ceramic of 1 or 2 inches thick as well.

The device can be adjusted to work on different speeds, starting at 800 SPM to up 3,000 SPM. Also, the blade can be set up to work in a different stroking pattern, whether you want a vertical, a horizontal, an orbital to up 4 different positions quickly. And for those who like a cleaner performance, this one comes with additional dust storage.

  • Really Cheap yet Powerful
  • Totally Easy to Use
  • Convenient and Versatile Performance

  • Not as Effective as Others

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Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 Jig Saw 18V Cordless

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Hitachi products are always some of the ones to look for undoubtedly. This brand often delivers excellent devices in almost all branches, and with this cordless jigsaw, Hitachi allows users to get a unique product that does anything it is expected to. The device is compatible with 18V batteries, weighing a lot less than most and offering higher-quality battery durability.

The blade of the device is tool-less for when it needs changing. The handle is pretty grip-oriented and comfortable, offering both performance and safety. The orbital action blow has 3 different levels that will make very use much more accurate and precise. And if you are looking for convenience, the device provides the user with a LED light for when you work in dark places.

  • Pretty Convenient Design
  • Superior Battery Performance
  • Effective and Easy to Use

  • Not as Powerful as Others

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Ryobi P523 Cordless One-Plus

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Offering 3 different cutting levels, the Ryobi P523 cordless jigsaw is a powerful yet really easy-to-use device without a doubt. You can choose between 1100 or 3000 SPM of speed for different types of cutting. And thanks to the high-quality blade it provides, the user can enjoy from superior effectiveness and accuracy when using.

The entire device tends to last longer than others thanks to its construction, especially to the blade saver feature. Also, it comes with a SpeedMatch function, so it matches automatically to the needed speed to cut more efficiently. And of course, it offers a straightforward tool-less design plus a GripZone overmold handle for a comfortable grab. The 18V One-Plus battery is also more durable and reliable than most.

  • Reliable and Effective Device
  • Much More Convenient and Easy to Use
  • Powerful yet Comfortable to Use

  • Incompatible with Many T-Shank Blades

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BLACK&DECKER 5 AMP Orbital Jig Saw

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The Black+Decker BDEJS600C model is a competent and cheap performer on the list, making the art of cutting wood a lot easier thanks to its straightforward design and a highly performance-oriented construction. It comes with a 5 AMP motor, offering up to 3,000 SPM of speed that can be adjusted to 4 different settings according to your needs.

With this device, you will be able to adjust the angle, with a beveling cut you can use to increase stability. It also comes with its own dust blower and features a Wire Guard so you can make much more precise cuts without problems. And of course, you won’t have to worry when changing blades, as it comes with a tool-less design.

  • Powerful Despite its Low Price
  • Totally Easy to Use
  • Extremely Cheap

  • Blades Are A Little Unreliable

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SKIL 4495 Laser

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The Action Laser 4495 Jigsaw from Skil is a superior-quality device that delivers a powerful and effective performance while also being much more accurate when cutting. It features a laser guide so you can make your cuts more efficiently, while also offering a 4-position orbital design so you can make cuts much faster and smoother than with other tools.

You can also adjust the speed level according to your needs and make different types of cuts you desire. The handle is excellent as well, with a molded design much more grip-oriented and comfortable. Also, it comes with 6 AMP motor, good enough to make the device powerful enough, offering up to 3,000 SPM for different levels.

  • Well-Made Entirely
  • Much More Comfortable and Reliable To Use
  • Effective and Powerful

  • Laser Is Not as Useful as Expected

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Everyone wants a convenient and easy-to-use tool when working at home, and that’s exactly what the Porter-Cable PCE345 Orbital provides – the perfect usability and comfort everyone wants. You can enjoy a 7-position speed dial you can use according to your needs, while also being able to adjust the device in 4 different orbital settings to cut all types of materials without problems.

This tool features a 6 AMP motor, offering up to 3200 SPM for a much higher speed performance when cutting, and also being able to lock the device when using the Lock-ON button, making it work more efficiently and safer. It also features a well-made grip-oriented handle, working good enough with the light and comfortable design.

  • Really Powerful Performance
  • 7 Different Speeds to Choose
  • Much Safer and Easier to Use

  • Unreliable Speed Adjuster When Using

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Makita 4329K

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Despite having a 3.9 AMP motor, the 4329K jig saw from Makita is a top-notch device to consider; as it offers everything you could expect from a device this good, from a hugely useful performance to a more conventional design with up to 3100 SPM of speed. Also, you will be able to change between 3 different orbital setting to meet your desires, while allowing the user to have a more precise and balanced performance as well.

When it comes to safety, it is also extremely recommended thanks to an anti-vibration design, a lock-on button for a more precise cutting and a dust port for more efficient and clean performance. The entire device is more durable than most as well, thanks to its die-cast aluminum base providing a 45-degree angle adjustable design, while also resisting wearing much better.

  • Really Powerful Despite a Low AMP Motor
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Superior Safety When Using

  • Hard To Set Up Blade

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Milwaukee 6268

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Milwaukee products are always some of the most recommended in almost every type of tools, and when it comes to jigsaws, there’s no doubt they’ve made a high-quality performance with this 6268 Top-Handle device, offering an orbital design for superior convenience, and a much safer yet still dominant performance.

The tool features a 6.5 AMP motor, providing up to 3,000 SPM without problems. Also, it comes with a tachometer and a 4-position orbital action. You will also be able to enjoy a LED light for more comfortable use in dark places, as well as an incredibly comfortable grip handle, with cushion and more resistance against vibration. The Quik-Lok feature, on the other hand, provides the user with more versatility when using.

  • Versatile and Convenient Design
  • Safe and Comfortable to Use
  • Incredibly Powerful Performance

  • Really Expensive

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Bosch JS470E 7

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The JS470E jigsaw from Bosch features a 7 AMP motor, a top-handle design and a really convenient 4-position orbital construction. With this device, you will be able to make any type of cut you desire with a much higher precision and a better performance entirely, thanks to both the great bevel wrench feature and the low-vibration design.

The motor can power up the tool to provide up to 3,100 SPM without problems, while also being much more accurate than most. And for those who like sturdy devices, this one comes with an aluminum footplate with industrial-grade design, making it much more durable and resistant in the long run. The blade-changing feature is tool-less for even more convenience.

  • Superb Performance and Reliability
  • Extremely Convenient and Versatile Design
  • Durable and Resistant Construction

  • Unreliable LED Light

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One of the newest products on the market yet incredibly effective and reliable when using, the Dewalt DW331K top-handle jigsaw is an option not to overlook for sure. It offers a 6.5 AMP motor power, capable of delivering highly precise cuts with an SPM from 500 to 3,100 that can be adjusted to meet your desires. It can cut through many different materials and can be used faster and more efficiently than most.

You won’t have to spend minutes changing the blade, and it features a keyless design. Also, you will be able to switch between 4 different orbital action positions so you can make powerful cuts without problems. And of course, it also comes with an anti-vibration rubber grip handle so you can use it more securely.

  • Incredible Performance And Effectiveness
  • Extremely Easy and Comfortable to Use
  • Safe, Durable, Convenient and Reliable

  • A Little Expensive


Jigsaws come in different styles and designs, offering different performances and cutting results according to that. And that’s something you need to know about if you really want an excellent product at your side. To cut wood, for example, you will need to learn what really makes a product handy depending on how thick the wood is and what type of cut you want to make. For this, we’ve made a pretty easy-to-follow guide:


There are two main types of jig-saws, corded and cordless ones. Both are good enough if you plan to do ordinary woodwork at home, but cordless designs tend to be a lot less effective and powerful than corded ones. A cordless design is mostly recommended if you are someone who tends to use the device in many different places and wants more versatility. But if you are someone who looks for superior performance and power, go for a corded one instead.


As said before, corded and cordless devices have different capabilities. Most corded jigsaws are measure by motor AMPs, while cordless are measured by Volts. an excellent corded product will offer at least 3.5 AMPs of power, and with this, at least 2500 SPM. On the other hand, cordless designs need to be at least 15V to be good enough, or else the product may be really low-quality and not powerful enough to cut thick wood.


There are many features on a jigsaw to consider, from the ability to change blades easily, always recommending the tool-less or keyless designs. Also, it is essential to get a device that comes with a high-quality grip handle, especially when it provides an anti-vibration design. And finally, you should go for a model that offers different speeds and angles to use, a beveling design to change the angle quickly and an also convenient speed-changer so you can use the product according to your needs.

These are the most important features to consider when buying a jigsaw. And if you study them effectively, there are more chances for you to get a product that will meet your needs. But remember, take your time and always make the right decision following your knowledge, or else you may eventually regret buying one of these.

Just don’t allow yourself to make a mistake while buying, get to know everything you can about jigsaws with our help and recommendations. You will get a perfect device for sure!

If you are looking for an excellent jigsaw, you may have come to the right place. Come and take a look at the different options you can choose and some handy recommendations.

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