10 Best Impact Driver 2017

Are you thinking of getting a perfect tool for screwing? There’s no doubt an impact driver is that and much more…

Impact drivers are on almost every construction site, they offer incredible opportunities for those who use them. From screwing really long screws or opening big holes, or larger ones, one of these drivers will always provide the user with excellent results. And of course, you will be able to use them almost anywhere thanks to the cordless design that most of them offer. So there’s virtually no other device as useful as this for the same purpose.

But in the market you can find thousands of different drivers, there’s where you’ll need some help. To sort out what type of impact driver you are looking for, you need to take a look at some of these high-quality tools as well as some characteristics about each. Here’s what we can offer you:

10 Impact Driver Review 2017

Craftsman C3 Impact Driver Newest Version

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Craftsman products are some of the highest-quality out there, and this C3 Model 5727.1 is a significant example of that, without a doubt. It comes with a durable motor and a high-speed mechanism that give superior performance. You will get 1600lbs of torque and 3500 IPM and 2500 RPM, everything needed for a harder, stronger and faster impact so you can screw everything you want.

Additionally, it provides the user with a really convenient LED light so the device can be used when there’s not much light. And even though it is not the smaller one, it still offers excellent versatility so you can reach difficult places for more comfortable use.

  • Incredibly Strong
  • Great Performance and Power
  • Versatile and Easy to Use

  • Not Too Wear-Resistant

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Bosch PS41Hex Driver

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The Bosch PS41 is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a more compact version so they can transport the device much more easily but still receive a high-quality performance and strong effectiveness every time. Thanks to the 930lbs of torque and 2600 RPM for speed, you will get excellent results effortlessly.

It is effortless to use and comfortable thanks to its ergonomic and lightweight design. Additionally, you will receive a 3-LED light system for more usability in dark areas and two batteries plus its charger for efficient use.

  • Good Power Despite its Size
  • More Compact Than Any Other
  • Convenient and Versatile

  • Not as Powerful as Expected

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Ridgid R86034 Hex Shank X4 18V

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Really easy to use, wonderfully practical, comfortable and ergonomically safe, incredibly resistant and durable, convenient and overall a perfect device for anyone – the Ridgid Hex Shank X4 is a robust driver that everyone should consider.

It provides a quick bit-changing feature alongside great LED lighting and a removable belt clip, making it more convenient and easy to set up when needed. The rubber coating on the whole device makes it long-lasting and efficient, and thanks to the 1750lbs of torque, and the 3100 IPM with 2400 RPM, you will receive professional performance at all times.

  • Durable and Resistant Rubber Construction
  • Superior Performance
  • Highly Convenient Design

  • Low Battery Life

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Milwaukee M12 1/4 Bare Driver 12V

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With 1000lbs of torque and 2500 RPM for speed, you will be able to screw or dig holes in walls efficiently every time. It is made to offer superior speed for faster performance so you won’t have to spend too much time doing the same thing when you can spend just a few minutes.

The device is also light and ergonomic, so you can use it more efficiently. The handle offers superior comfort and grip. And of course, the battery of the device delivers excellent performance for hours. The battery gauge depicts how much remaining power there is when using. The construction is also well-made and durable.

  • Really Fast and Strong
  • Great Battery Durability
  • Long-Lasting and Resistant Construction

  • Not as Powerful as Expected

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Among the most powerful impact drivers out there, the Black+Decker at 20V is a highly recommended option for sure. With 1375lbs of torque and 3000 RPM for speed, you will receive a superior performance and effectiveness every time you use it. Additionally, it will be effortless to use and comfortable.

If you want a perfect device, this one is almost that. However, it’s a little smaller than most, but always offering a superior power. Comes with a 20V battery and its charger, and can be used for any type of application without a problem.

  • Really Powerful
  • Extremely Effective Construction
  • Lightweight and Small Design

  • Low Battery Life

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Hitachi Cordless WH18DGL 18V

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Looking to get an efficient device with longer battery life and an excellent performance? This cordless driver from Hitachi with additional accessories is an excellent choice for sure. Having 1280lbs of torque, 2400 RPM and 3200 BPM of speed, there won’t anything this device won’t do.

The lightweight design makes it easier to use, and the extraordinarily convenient LED light provides a well-made handy construction. The speed trigger features a comfortable use, while also being beneficial thanks to a high-quality speed control so you can change the speed whenever you want. It comes with its own batteries, charger, and carrying case.

  • Especially Strong and Convenient Design
  • Highly Effective
  • Powerful Performance

  • Battery Feels a Little Loose when Using

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Ryobi P236 18V Lithium Ion

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Working with a 18V battery at 3200 RPM and 1600lbs of torque, there won’t be anything this powerful driver won’t do, and you will be more than satisfied with its result – that’s for sure. That’s why you should consider this one at all times, not only because it is powerful, but it is safer to use and comfortable as well, thanks to a rubberized over-mold handle and a magnetic tray for convenient bits storage when using.

Additionally, you will be able to enjoy a tri-beam LED lightning in darker places, a tool-free bit-changing for increased convenience, and a long-lasting 18V battery as well.

  • Incredibly Strong Performance
  • Easy to Use and Convenient
  • Comfortable and Safe Design

  • Too Powerful Sometimes

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This Porter-Cable driver kit offers a highly-efficient and satisfactory performance, as it is designed to be less fatiguing when using and totally easy to manage thanks to its really compact design.

It also provides a highly-convenient construction with a LED work light to be used when needed, and a power gauge to always know how much remaining battery there is. It offers 2900 RPM, 1450lbs of torque and 3000 BPM, making it sturdy and with high speed at the same time.

  • Powerful Compact Design
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Comfortable and Less Fatiguing to Use

  • Deficient Speed Control

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Makita XDT111 18V LXT Driver Kit

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Makita has always made some of the highest-quality products when it comes to home tools and the like, and especially this XDT111 driver kit is a powerful and highly-effective translation of what Makita is capable of. With a 2900 RPM and 3500 BPM performance alongside the 1460lbs of torque, you will be able to do anything without any problem.

The ergonomic design makes it really comfortable and convenient to use as well, for less fatigue and more possibilities when using. This driver kit features two batteries and a charger. Additionally, with the dual LED lighting system and the XPT engineering, you will obtain superior safety when using.

  • Much More Powerful Performance
  • Incredibly Safe and Comfortable to Use
  • Extremely Compact Design

  • A Little Battery Deficient

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DEWALT 18-Volt DC825B Driver

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When it comes to home tools, Dewalt always provides users with some of the most effective and powerful products out there, and there’s no doubt the DC825B impact driver is an absolutely perfect addition to its catalog. With a perfect 1330lbs torque power, 2400 RPM and 2700 BPM, you will receive a strong but high-speed performance at all times.

The product is designed for most laborious applications, for reaching tight places and such. The grip-oriented design makes it excellently comfortable and safe as well. And thanks to the compact size, you won’t feel any fatigue when using it, as it is also one of the lightest products out there.

  • Perfect Performance and Effectiveness
  • Superior Compact and Light Design
  • Totally Comfortable to Use

  • Can Feel a Little Too Small


Like any other product out there, you will need to know what are the different features and characteristics that make an impact driver to be good or not. Here we are going to discuss various of these features you need to consider and some additional tips that will help you make the right choice when buying. Here’s what you should learn:


The torque is merely the power and strength of the impact driver. The more torque the device offers, the stronger and more effective it will be. If you want enough torque for most uses, go for a device that offers at least 900lbs of torque. Anything less than that won’t be good enough. However, a stronger driver with more than 1500lbs may be too strong, sometimes being a little harder to use, or even deficient to the point of breaking screws and bits – so they need to be handled with care.


Impact drivers have torque and also have speed. The speed tells you how fast will the driver go when fastening or reversing, making the applications to be made quicker and more efficiently accordingly. This is measured in RPM and BPM/IPM. The RPM is the fastening speed, where the littlest and less recommended rate would be anything below 1800 RPM, and with the highest at 2800 RPM or more. For BPM, on the other hand, you should go for something above 2500. Anything less than that won’t be good enough.


The size of a driver will help you know how versatile and comfortable the device is. With a smaller size, the more comfortable you will be and the more places you will be able to reach. The bigger, the harder and more uncomfortable when using it will be. But it all comes down to construction, some of these devices may not be too big but still really hard to use due to a high power performance, while others that are too big may be effortless to manage due to a weak performance. If you want better portability and comfort when using, go for a smaller one. Else, don’t doubt to go for a bigger one.


There are different battery powers for these devices. You can choose a 12V battery powered driver or a 20V one. But according to this, you can also tell how powerful the device is. Typically, the higher the volts the driver works with, the more possibilities there are for this tool to be more potent than others. Additionally, the more power it has, the more possible it is to last longer when using.

There are a few additional recommendations you should consider when buying for a more definite purchase:

- Most impact drivers tend to be really loud. Make sure you can test the driver before purchasing; some of them may demand an additional investment of hearing protection.

- Drills and drivers are pretty different when it comes to using them, but they look very similar in aspect. Make sure you are choosing a driver and not confusing it with a drill.

- Additional accessories like hex bits and the like may come really handy in most situations. Bits to opening walls are some of the most recommended in this case.

- Impact drivers are much more potent than a typical Don’t confuse then either, make sure you are choosing an impact driver if you really want an impressive result.

So, are you satisfied with what you’ve learned? Well, there’s still a lot of time to think about the right choice and to make the right decision. Don’t buy a product you will eventually regret buying, and for that, you will need to consider with patience each essential feature as well.

Allow yourself to pick a perfect impact driver from our recommendations by considering our buying advice. You won’t regret it for sure!

Do you need a powerful impact driver, a smaller one or a really cheap option? Here you have everything you could be looking for – so come and check out what we have for you!

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