10 Best Grout Sealer 2018

Tired of cleaning your natural stone surfaces by hand? Start using a grout sealer and make every surface much cleaner, resistant and incredibly shiny…

These excellent products deliver a great performance no other product can provide, so they can become an essential part of every household. They will protect, embellish and even repair surfaces like granite, limestone, concrete, grout and pretty much any natural stone with similar appearance. Yet, this only happens when the sealer is of the highest quality available.

If you want to make the right decision when purchasing, there’s no better way to do it than knowing what these products offer. For that, take a look at the following list of excellent choices, and you may find yours in it…

10 Grout Sealer Review 2018

Custom Building Products TileLab Cleaner and Resealer

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If you’ve thought of getting a product that does both the cleaning and the sealing, this TileLab Cleaner and Resealer from Custom Building Products will be your best choice. It is one of the easiest to use and provides an excellent quality of sealing and cleaning, both for grout and tile. It also adds extra shining thanks to its great cleaning ability.

It is ready to use as soon as it is opened, and thanks to its non-toxic formula with no acid and no abrasive ingredients, it won’t damage the surface in any way. It cuts through the most difficult dirt, grease and even scum or anything else on the surface, while also leaving a great fresh scent, so it even becomes enjoyable.

  • Really Convenient 2-in-1 Performance
  • A Lot Easier to Use
  • Excellent Scent

  • Not as Effective as Others

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Granite Gold Preserver and Protectant

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It can be used on almost any surface, including granite, marble, travertine and grout, of course. The Granite Gold Preserver and Protectant is what everyone looks when it comes to grout sealer, and thanks to its great price, it will immediately become a pretty interesting option for most people.

It protects and preserves with more efficiency than others, and comes with a perfect formula free of any acidic or toxic ingredients for a much safer use. Thanks to its great efficiency, it will work on many other surfaces as well, like limestone, slate, and different types of natural stones, as it works much better than most.

  • Versatile Use
  • Outstanding Quality
  • Perfectly Effective on Stone

  • Not as Long-Lasting as Expected

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Black Diamond Nex-Gen Granite Sealer

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The Nex-Gen Granite Sealer from Black Diamond is an exceptional choice for everyone who desires excellent quality plus a pretty convenient and versatile performance. It can work on practically any stone surface, including concrete, tile, brick, slate, travertine, marble, granite, and much more – always with the most reliable performance available.

It is also very affordable, protects really efficiently, and it is pretty safe to use anywhere as well. The formula provides a low-odor solution, plus being a lot more effective, non-toxic and biodegradable. In addition, it is totally easy to use.

  • Excellent Performance
  • Works on Almost any Natural Stone
  • Long-Lasting and Reliable

  • Doesn’t Offer a Shining Result

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Trewax Professional Sealer

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It works on almost any type of natural stone like quarry tile, brick, grout, marble, concrete, stone and even Mexican Saltillo, making it one of the most versatile options out there. That’s the Trewax Professional Indoor & Outdoor Sealer, an outstanding product which doesn’t demand much to work efficiently.

It provides an excellent acrylic-based formula that is non-toxic, yet it offers exceptional results and even makes the surfaces look amazing. The product dries really fast too, and with its long-lasting performance, you won’t have to use it in a few years again.

  • Much More Efficient
  • Superb Results
  • Excellent Quality and Performance

  • Not Recommended for Exterior Areas

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StoneTech Heavy-Duty Grout Sealer

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The Laticrete StoneTech Heavy-Duty sealer is an amazing choice without a doubt, both because it is totally easy to use, and because it provides an unbeatable performance. Thanks to its heavy-duty formula, it looks natural yet offers a much more long-lasting result, making any stone from ceramic to grout look outstandingly shining.

The water-based formula is non-toxic and delivers an easy-to-clean feeling on any surface, while also being a lot more durable. It dries quicker than others, doesn’t demand any additional care, and provides professional quality entirely, so it becomes a must for those who need superior results.

  • Makes Surfaces Look Outstandingly Good
  • Extremely Efficient
  • Much More Durable than Most

  • Can’t Be Used on Many Surfaces

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Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator

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The 511 Impregnator sealer from Miracle Sealants delivers an unbeatable performance all along. It works efficiently, doesn’t demand much work to apply, provides exceptional results and even works on many surfaces, from grout to granite and even ceramic. What’s even better, it is more efficient, so it works effectively and lasts longer as well.

It will make any surface to be more resistant to moisture, stain and so on. And with its outstanding formula, it is also non-toxic and much safer to use in dining areas than others. Its results are excellent as well, with an UV transparent design so it becomes almost invisible.

  • Seals Much More Efficiently
  • Lasts Really Long
  • Offers an Invisible Result

  • Can Slightly Darken Surfaces

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Tuff Duck Natural Stone Sealer

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Capable of working effectively on almost any type of natural stone, the Tuff Duck Natural Stone Sealer provides an outstanding performance every time, both for its amazing penetration as well as for the great results when it comes to appearance and protection. It can be used on any surface from Limestone to slate and even marble, granite and grout, easily.

It offers up to 5 years of protection to the surfaces, and up to 3 in demanding exterior areas. Its formula is totally non-toxic and non-acidic, so it becomes the perfect one for use in kitchens and dining areas. In addition, it is one of the toughest, so it protects against oil, water, or any other type of stain.

  • Excellent Performance and Results
  • Superior Strength and Durability
  • Very Versatile

  • More Expensive than Most

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Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold Rapid Cure

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The sealer that works faster than any other and which can be used on practically any surface, the Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold Rapid Cure is an excellent option for sure. Its Rapid Cure technology makes it really effective and outstandingly fast, so it penetrates greatly on the surface but faster than any other.

It can be used on granite, slate, travertine, porcelain, cement, masonry, marble and even grout. It looks totally natural, doesn’t change the color of the surface and provides a really long-lasting protection, totally non-toxic as well.

  • Exceptional Fast Performance
  • Incredibly Versatile and Convenient
  • Makes Surfaces Look Amazing

  • Really Strong Uncomfortable Smell

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Red Devil PreMix

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A different type of sealer that comes in a tube, the Red Devil PreMix works outstandingly well at all times, especially on mosaic and ceramic. It is totally easy to use, doesn’t demand much cleaning and lasts a lot longer than most. In addition, it is totally safe to use and pretty effective even in the most difficult places.

It is based on acrylic, so it can also be used on other types of surfaces from masonry to wood, wallboards, granite and more. Yet, it is mostly efficient for fixing and patching stains or damaged tiles. It provides an excellent consistency and a non-odor experience as well, so you can it without problems.

  • A Lot Easier to Use than Most
  • Non-Odor Result
  • Greatly Effective and Long-Lasting

  • Mostly Recommended for Fixing and Patching

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Black Diamond UGS PT Ultimate

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The UGS PT Ultimate Grout Sealer from Black Diamond is amazing in almost every way. It provides outstanding results, protects a lot better, makes surfaces look amazing, and last longer than the majority. It will make the cleaning of surfaces a lot easier, and eventually improve the look thanks to its excellent formula exempt of any toxic or degradable ingredient.

What’s even better, it works really fast, as it can penetrate on the surface in just a few minutes after use. Protects all the surfaces efficient as well, and can be used on practically any area, including bathrooms, dining areas and even kitchens. The most important feature of this option is that costs a lot less than others.

  • Excellent Performance
  • Outstanding Quality for the Price
  • Works Really Fast

  • Might Make Surfaces a Little Darker


Now that you’ve seen some of the most recommended choices available on the market, it is time to make your pick. But this can be difficult, especially when you don’t know much about these products. That’s why we’ve organized an incredibly effective guide that will help anyone in need of some guidance when buying, and if you’re one of them, you may find the most helpful advice in the following lines…


There are three main types of sealers for grout, the penetrating sealers, the enhancing sealers, and the topical coating sealers. The penetrating types are often the ones used for fixing and maintenance of damaged surfaces. These are really effective and work practically on any surface. On the other hand, you have the enhancing sealers, which are great for maintaining the surfaces a lot shinier and much easier to clean. And the topical coatings, are mainly used to provide more gloss and transparent result to the surfaces, while providing sort of a protection as well. When you go buying one of these, just remember to consider and find out the type of sealer it is.


There are hundreds of formulas for grout sealers, always designed differently so they can provide variable results. Most formulas are water-based, while others are acrylic, yet no matter how they are initially made, they need to be non-toxic for a much safer use, and non-acidic, so they don’t harm the surfaces. In addition, the formula also tells the user how fast it can dry up, and how long it will last. The most natural products are often less durable but can dry a lot faster, yet the acrylic ones provide outstanding performances but may last a little longer to dry up. Try always to go for options that can be used on kitchens with a non-toxic formula, and that can be totally reliable nonetheless.

Ease of Use

Most grout sealers are used with a simple spraying or dripping on the surface, adding soft movements with a brush or a roller. This is always according to the rules of use of the sealer. However, some products may be so dense they don’t work for brush or roller use, while others are so liquid and smooth they don’t need any type of brushing. Whatever you choose, make sure it comes with the perfect density to be used efficiently, according to your needs.

The additional advice will also help you make the right decision:

- Consider choosing the right sealer according to your needs. If you have a granite surface and not grout, you may eventually need to choose a granite sealer and not a grout one. However, it is important to note that most sealers work in almost every type of natural stone.

- Smell is sometimes pretty important for a product, so you must choose carefully or you may even end up hating your for simply being really Make sure the product doesn’t smell bad or too strong, especially if you are allergic.

- All of these options come in different presentations, from quarks to pins, or even in little tubes, and much more. This is important because not all of them provide the same type of use and efficiency. The biggest presentations are often more durable, so choose accordingly.

Start getting your bathroom, kitchen or garage floor to start looking amazing with the right grout sealer, for a shinier, more protected and excellent results overall. But always remember to take our advice into consideration and check out our recommendations, so you can eventually purchase the perfect one for your needs.

Don’t waste more of your time and start browsing for the perfect grout sealer. Find the most reliable on our list and you’ll get total satisfaction.

Sealing your stone surfaces offers a vast range of advantages to your home, yet only a few work well enough to be used efficiently. Here are a few great options to check out!

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