10 Best Framing Nailer 2017

Need to some woodwork but don’t have the right tool to attach the pieces? A framing nailer will easily be that perfect tool you’re looking for without a doubt…

A framing nailer can offer an incredible experience when it comes to nailing pieces of wood together, as they are powerful, reliable, easy to use, faster, and really versatile so you can use it even in the hardest of places or woods. But these can eventually be difficult to buy, and sometimes if you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for you may subsequently regret buying one of these.

That’s why we have a complete and handy guide for you to follow. This guide contains all the different details of nailers you need to consider, plus a varied list of these products to take a look at…

10 Framing Nailer Review 2017

3PLUS H2190SP 21 Degree Full Round Head

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Small but useful, the 3Plus H2190SP Full-round nailer is a perfect choice for those who need a device that fits every tiny place and can be used anywhere without a problem. The 3.5-inches full round head offers a really convenient use, alongside a multi-directional exhaust for 360-degree air exhaustion.

The depth control is effortless to use, with a tool-free system. And thanks to its straightforward design, reloading nails is a lot easier than in most devices. Additionally, it offers a 21-degree collated plastic magazine, a right steel construction, and a reliable, ergonomic design.

  • Small But Effective
  • Convenient Design
  • Really Cheap

  • A Little Smaller Than Expected

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Makita AN923 3-1/2″ Framing Nailer

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Makita products are always interesting to consider, as they usually offer excellent quality in construction, design and overall efficiency. This nailer is no exception, as it provides outstanding performance with a 3-mode switch for a superior nailing method, a high-capacity chamber for more nails from 2 to 3 inches, and a built-in filter to minimize debris and dust when working.

The depth-adjustment system is tool-less, for a smoother and faster use. The device is a lot more precise and accurate than others, while also being sturdy enough for even the hardest of woods. It comes with a multi-directional exhaust and features a superior grip-oriented rubberized handle for easier and comfortable handling.

  • Really Efficient and Reliable
  • Larger Capacity
  • Much Comfortable and Easy to Use

  • The Chamber May Feel Too Large

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Senco 920XP Clipped Head Nailer

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With an incredibly light design, the Senco 4Z0001N framing nailer is a perfect choice for those who need a zero-fatigue product, with a clipped head and an entirely effective performance nonetheless. It offers a True Drive feature that helps users to avoid jams and missfeeds.

Weighing only 7.3 lbs, you will obtain a reliable use every time, while also enjoying a superior effectiveness and an error-free magazine chamber. The entire construction is even smaller and a little more versatile than others, being capable of working with nails of up to 3.25 inches without a problem.

  • Totally Convenient Construction
  • Much More Reliable and Safe to Use
  • Small But Effective and Versatile

  • A Little Uncomfortable to Use

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Dewalt DW325PLR Nailer

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DeWalt products can never be missed when it comes to home or building tools, like this perfect nailer that offers an excellent performance without a problem. It is well-balanced, easier to use, and much more comfortable and less fatiguing. Designed to provide a more comfortable performance, you won’t have to spend minutes reloading nails or adjusting the depth, as it features a straightforward design for easier handling.

The firing system provides the user with two different methods of use, for a sequential mode or a contact rapid fire one; both incredibly efficient according to your needs, thanks to a powerful motor and high-quality engineering design.

  • Works Effectively
  • Offers Great Convenience
  • Easier to Handle and to Adjust

  • A Little Heavier than Others

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PORTER-CABLE FR350B Full Round Framing Nailer

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For those who want a larger magazine as well as a really lightweight construction, the Porter-Cable FR·350B is the right model for them. This one, weighing only 7.3 lbs and offering a larger chamber, can be used with 3.5-inches nails without problems, always in a more efficient and more precise way than most.

It can be easy to adjust, will work for even the hardest of nailing application, and offers a comfortable and easy-to-use design at all times. The tool is set at 22-degrees, making it convenient to use while also being at the perfect angle for smoother performance. Lastly, the rubberized handle will help you work more safely and reliably.

  • Light and Comfortable Design
  • Much Easier to Use and To Adjust
  • Convenient 22-Degrees Large Magazine

  • Not as Precise as Expected

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Hitachi NR90AES1 Collated Nailer

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With an interesting look and a compact and practical construction, the Hitachi NR90AES1 is really good, easy to use and much more precise than most devices. It can be used with 2 to 3.5 inches nails without problems, while also offering a large enough magazine with a 21-degree angle design.

The product weighs only 7.5 lbs, being good enough for hard applications, and comfortable in stressful situations. Features a two-step loading system, and a convenient nailing method switcher, from bump to sequential fire which makes the device a lot more handy than the majority.

  • Great Plastic Design
  • Comfortable and Convenient Construction
  • Really Large and Easy-to-use Nail Chamber

  • Method Switcher Is Not as Good as Expected

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NuMax SFR2190 Framing Nailer

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This NuMax Framing Nailer is without a doubt one of the most recommended products you could go for, as it is not only effective but durable, greatly useful and versatile, extremely efficient and effortless to use. It features a 21-degree design with 2 to 3.5-inches capacity for nails, plus an anti-dry mechanism that prevents jammings and also provides an anti-dry performance.

You can quickly make any woodwork totally easy with this one, as it is entirely comfortable to use as well, with a safe rubberized grip for an even better construction. Entirely, the SFR2190 is reliable and effective, an option not to overlook when buying.

  • Comfortable and Easy-to-Use
  • Convenient and Effective Performance
  • Excellent Price for the Quality

  • The Nail Head Is a Little Unreliable

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BOSTITCH LPF21PL Low Profile Nailer

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When you ask a professional builder which brand is the most reliable when it comes to nailers, he will tell you Bostitch without a doubt. This brand, especially when it comes to the LPF21PL framing nailer, always provides its users with high-quality products, always reliable, efficient, easy-to-use and entirely convenient in every aspect.

You will find this perfect device to be an excellent addition to your building items, as it is light, much softer and silent when using, versatile to be used in hard places, and powerful enough to go even through the hardest wood. For those who want a superior performance and experience, this Bostitch nailer is the right choice.

  • Really Effective Low-Profile Design
  • Much Easier and Comfortable to Use
  • Professional Quality Entirely

  • Jams When Heated Up

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Freeman PFR2190 Full-Head Framing Nailer

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Totally easy to use, ergonomic, safe, efficient, durable, easy to adjust, much more reliable, and entirely quality-oriented.  You won’t find options that are much better than the Freeman PFR2190 nailer, a full-head device that will help you nail even hard woods without problems, in a more effective and incredibly comfortable way.

It is the ideal tool for all types of applications. It can be used with 2-inches to 3.5-inches nails easily. You can change the method with a trigger system which works really well for different applications. Its 21-degree design is actually one of the most convenient out there, as it offers an extended magazine with a powerful performance as well.

  • High-Quality Magnesium Construction
  • Much More Convenient Performance
  • Really Easy to Use

  • Heavy Construction

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Paslode 902600 Lithium-Ion Cordless Framing Nailer

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If you think you know everything about framing nailers, it is because you haven’t tried the Paslode 902600, a cordless nailer that works with battery and offers a still really efficient performance, alongside a light and comfortable design. You won’t believe how easy to use it is, while also being totally portable and much more versatile thanks to its cordless construction.

Comes with its own 7.4-volt fuel cell Ion battery, making it capable of working for hours without rest, while also being really light with a 7.25lbs built, making this device a lot more convenient than others. Charges faster than other models and still makes it totally effortless to use it no matter the application.

  • Excellent Cordless Design
  • Powerful and Effective
  • Convenient and Useful for Most Applications

  • Expensive


Everyone wants to buy a reliable and useful product, especially when it comes to a tool like a framing nailer. And for that, it is almost obligatory to know what one of these is made of and how you can make the right choice when buying, and this is all about learning all the essential features and different details about each. Here’s a pretty useful guide for you to follow and eventually choose the right one:


The application of the device comes immediately to its size, as the more significant options are often more powerful and more effective for harder uses, and the smaller ones usually are more useful when it comes to simple and easier applications. For home use, a small option is always a better idea, unless you plan on building a house or something similar by yourself, so you better go for a bigger one.


There are two types of framing nailers, corded ones, and cordless ones. If you are someone who’s working on a building site or place when you can use an air compressor and eventually need a lot of power for the woodwork, maybe a corded device will be a lot more efficient. Yet, when you need to travel long distances to the place you are going to use it, or you just can’t set up an air compressor, a cordless one is the right idea. Just remember that typically, corded models are much more powerful, unless it is a superb cordless model.

Nail Sizes

A good nailer should work with more nail types so you can use it more conveniently and comfortably, especially when you are someone who’s regularly using the tool. For that, make sure the one you choose can be used with 2-inches to 3.5-inches nails. These are the smaller and bigger types of nails available, and if your choice can be used with these both, it will for sure be really convenient for you.


Most framing nailers feature a universal T-grip type handle, which offers a performance with a trigger that’s just like firing a pistol. However, it should always be comfortable to fit all your hand in the space between the magazine and the trigger, as well as it should be safe and grip-oriented, with a rubberized or molded design. Any model with a different design should not be considered as a good option.


This is more about the different speeds and methods offered by the device. Usually, a framing nailer comes with at least 2 ways to choose according to the application, where it is critical to know what you need. There are low boost methods, rapid firing methods and even clean methods with a softer performance for the most straightforward nailing applications. Choose according to what you are going to use the gun at.

It is all just about knowing what these devices are made of, how they work, and eventually considering according to what you need and what you want. By following that, you will for sure make a much better decision, getting to have a practical and useful tool for your woodworking applications.

Make the nailing of your building activities a lot faster and more efficient than with any other tool out there. Here’s everything you should learn and much more – don’t let the opportunity pass away…

The right framing nailer is waiting for you among our high-quality options and the many different recommendations to follow. Come take a look – you won’t regret it!

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