10 Best Electric Knife Sharpener 2017

Tired of dull knives that don’t cut anything? There’s a tool that can help you make that dull knife to be shining and pretty sharp – an electric sharpener, the perfect tool for your kitchen.

Having dull knives at home can be both stressful and frustrating, especially when you need to cook something really fast but don’t find the proper knife to do it because all of them are dull and can’t cut anything. But gladly, there’s a solution – an electric knife sharpener. It will work excellently for you if you don’t have one of these or if you are just tired of sharpening your knives manually. With one of these, you will be able to get even the dullest of knives to be a samurai sword, or at least close to that.

But not all of these electric sharpeners work the same way, so it is essential to take a look at how you can pick the right one according to the most recommended in the market. Here’s a list you can consider whenever you need one of these…

10 Electric Knife Sharpener Review 2017

PriorityChef 2-Stage Sharpening System

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Much easier to use than many other sharpeners out there, this 2-stage device offers a pretty comfortable and wholly convenient design so everyone can use it without problems. Even the dullest of knives can be sharpened with this tool, and of course, it delivers an extra-fine result for a much smoother performance when using.

The design is entirely comfortable as well, with firm grip a much more stability so you can be safer as well. It is also durable as well, looks good, and with its simple design with only one button to use. And what’s even better, it works for any type of sharpening from home to restaurant use, efficiently.

  • Extremely Comfortable to Use
  • Highly Effective
  • Really Cheap

  • A Little Cheaply Constructed

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Grocery Art Electric Sharpener Tool

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With an utterly compact design, the Grocery Art sharpener tool offers 3 different features so you can replace various devices with this one. It also sharpens quickly than others, provides a much safer use, and can be used with different things from knives to even screwdrivers and scissors.

You will be able to store it anywhere you want as well, thanks to its superb small build. On the other hand, it comes with a two-stage feature, so you can coarse the flat edge away from the knife, and then you can give the blade the sharpest of finishes quicker than with any other tool.

  • Superb Compact Design
  • Utterly Effective Performance
  • Highly Versatile Tool

  • Not as Stable As Expected

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Mcgowan Firestone

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Designed to provide superior performance to any type of knife, from ceramic to steel without problems – this FireStore sharpener from McGowan delivers the perfect results everyone’s looking for. It is a lot faster and efficient than others and only works with one step so really anyone can sharpen a knife effectively.

Its ceramic wheels provide a pretty quality sharpening performance, delivering a superb result to dull knives quickly. It is entirely easy to use and provides a highly stable use, so even with the largest or most demanding knife; you will do it efficiently and safely.

  • Much More Stable Than Most
  • Excellent Small Design
  • Superior Results

  • Only Works with Flat Knives

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Presto Professional EverSharp

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Extremely versatile and much more convenient in its construction, the Presto Professional Sharpener comes with everything needed to be an almost perfect device. It features a 3-stage system, so you can coarse any knife then give the sharpest of edges in just a few steps, anywhere you are with any type of knife.

Thanks to its adjustable blade selector, you can sharpen knives with different angles and designs, so it becomes pretty useful. Also, you can change the blades for mixed results. It is entirely easy to use and provides a pretty safe yet effective performance at all times.

  • Incredibly Versatile
  • Easy to Use And Pretty Comfortable
  • Wonderfully Effective

  • Not as Powerful as Expected

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Shenzhen Knives Electric Diamond

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Able to sharpen any type of knife including ceramic and steel knives from all over the world and with any angle, the Shenzhen is a pretty affordable but highly results-oriented tool for people who want to give their knives that smooth edge again. With its 2-stage design, in addition, you will get perfect results for knives without edges as well.

The cartridge on the inside can be removable, so you can clean the device when needed or just improve the effectiveness of the blades. It will simply give a perfect result no matter the type of knife it is – and thanks to its excellent construction, it is easier and much more comfortable to use.

  • Simple but Extremely Effective Build
  • Awesome 2-Stage Design
  • Really Powerful for the Price

  • Unreliable Ceramic-Diamond Blades

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LINKYO Sharpening System

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Cheap but capable of delivering unbeatable results, the Linkyo sharpening system can help anyone to get the sharpest edges even in the dullest knife without problems. It is much quicker than most, with a pretty simple design that makes it incredibly easy to use at all times. There’s simply no chance of making a mistake while handling it thanks to its 2-stage sharpening system.

The device also features a pretty clean performance, so even with really dull knives with no edge, you won’t cause a disaster with the shards or fillings. The device is well made, stable and sturdy, with a grip-oriented design and offering a convincing performance.

  • Excellent Price for the Quality
  • Really Effective 2-Stage System
  • Much Cleaner Performance

  • A Little Uncomfortable to Use

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Secura Electric SHARPENER

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Designed to provide a much safer use, this Secura Knife Sharpener can be the perfect one for those people obsessed with excellent results while being protected against accidents. It will sharpen any non-serrated blade delivering impressive results at all times. And of course, it gives non-edge knives the perfect edge with an extra-sharp performance.

It is really stable, provides a pretty comfortable design, and will never become problematic no matter the type of knife you use. Also, it gives a pretty clean performance for even the dullest of knives you need to get an edge too – so you don’t have to clean afterward.

  • Superior Safety when Using
  • Extremely Effective Performance
  • More Comfortable and Cleaner Use

  • Not Recommended for Serrated or Non-Flat Knives

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Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

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Superb versatility and an incredibly effective performance, this Work Sharp device provides users with a significant superiority in almost every way. Despite being a lot harder to use, it is wonderfully efficient so you can sharpen large, small, medium or any type of blade you want without any problem.

The sharpening results are often much better than with any other despite its design, and won’t need much effort when using. It can be used to sharpen any type of blade possible, from serrated ones to circular, always efficiently and with extremely sharp results.

  • Excellent Power and Efficiency
  • Much More Versatile than Any Other
  • Superb Effectiveness

  • A Little Unsafe To Use

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Wusthof PEtec

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The favorite sharpener of professional chefs, the Wusthof PEtec comes with an excellent construction so you can sharpen even the most challenging knife, the largest or simply the dullest. With its 3-stage design, you will get an edge to anything you want so you can receive an incredible performance that no other device can offer.

This PEtec sharpener is a lot more potent than most, works with any type of knife and delivers the more astonishing sharpening results you can think of. It is simply designed to provide professional edges while being totally easy to use – perfect for anyone who wants premium quality entirely.

  • Superior 3-Stage System Efficiency
  • Awesome Results
  • Versatile and Convenient Design

  • Expensive

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Chef’s Choice Trizor XV

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Meticulously made to be one of the highest-quality in the market, one of the most preferred by professionals, and naturally perfect for any type of use – the Trizor XV from Chef’s Choice can easily become your best kitchen partner. It will sharpen any knife you want, easily and much quicker than any other can, always offering a stable and productive performance.

The results from using its EdgeSelect system with 3 stages are unbeatable, much more convenient and versatile. It sharpens any type of knives as well, can be adjusted to specific angles and will also be safer you don’t make an accident when using. The Chef’s Choice Trizor XV is a perfect tool without a doubt.

  • Extremely Well-Made
  • Awesomely Versatile and Convenient
  • Superior and Reliable EdgeSelect System

  • Expensive


Sharpening knives is not something we do every day, yet it is something we will inevitably have to do if we like to take care of our cutlery or if we just like to cook a lot. When a blade is just too dull, it can be a nightmare to cut a simple thick piece of meat, sometimes so challenging you may do it more efficiently with your own hands. But you can fix this using the right sharpener. Yet, to buy the proper sharpener you will need to know what you’re looking for, so we’ve made this excellent guide for you to follow. Check it out:


An electric sharpener is faster than a manual one, of course. But that doesn’t mean all sharpeners work the same way, and that doesn’t mean that every one of these will be fast and efficient all the time. So, if you want to get a quick device, for example, make sure you choose one that offers excellent performance. The bigger the device, the more likely it is faster as well, especially when it is expensive, so you get better results quicker thanks to its enhanced performance. Yet, it is important to note that faster devices can also be a lot more powerful to the point of being too much for certain types of knives getting to destroy the knife edge forever. So be careful when choosing.


Most sharpeners come with at least 2 stages. These stages are the coarse stage where you practically destroy the edge of the knife to make it smoother so in the sharpening stage, the blade can gain that sharp feeling you were waiting for. However, some devices come with 3 stages even, these devices offer the same two coarse and sharpening steps, with an additional one that helps to reconstruct the edges of knives. This step is mainly used with blades that don’t cut anymore due to how dull they are, so you need something to give an edge again. It is important to note that devices with 3 stages are often much more expensive as well.


Not all knives are flat or with the same angle, and thus, not all sharpeners work for the same types of knives. Serrated blades, for example, don’t work with most sharpeners unless the device specifies it can sharpen serrated edges as well. It is all about making sure you choose a tool that can deal with different types of knives, from serrated to curved and with varying angles and edges. Remember that not all blades are flat and with a horizontal shape, and not all sharpeners work with all of them either.

You just need to know that electric devices to sharpen your knives as these ones can be incredibly helpful in many ways. But only when you know what you should go for – so we recommend using our advice and references for whenever you go buy one of these. You won’t regret your choice for sure.

If you are having a problem with your dull knives, it is time you start doing something about it. Get one of these excellent electric sharpeners and don’t fail to cut that thick meat anymore.

Having knives at pristine state is hard but not impossible. With these electric sharpeners you will be able to give an almost perfect edge – so come and see for yourself what they offer!

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