10 Best EDC Flashlight 2017

Tired of not seeing anything when it gets blackout at night? Don’t let yourself get lost in the dark again with an unbelievably good product that is an EDC flashlight – come take a look why!

Often we get into situations where a flashlight gets to be vital to use, yet we don’t normally carry flashlights with us, as they tend to be large and uncomfortable to fit in your pockets or even in your bag, backpack or purse. But with an EDC flashlight you won’t have that problem, as they are much smaller than a normal flashlight, yet they can deliver a pretty bright performance when needed.

But because not all EDC torches will be as good as you’re expecting them to be – you must learn which ones you should pick and which you shouldn’t. The following list of recommendations will help you do that.

10 EDC Flashlight Review 2017

Hausbell 7W Mini

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The cheapest version you will find out there, this 2-pack from Hausbell comes with pretty good 7W Ultra Bright Mini Flashlights that can work entirely like for EDC. They are well-made, capable of offering up to 300 lumens and can be used with 3 modes for different results and uses. The devices are also water resistant and come pretty long-lasting thanks to the aluminum alloy build.

They are totally easy to carry as well thanks to their extra mini size, so they fit both in your palm. You can store them wherever you want efficiently. And what’s even better, they offer a zoom feature so you can focus on a particular place when lightning, for superior convenience. Also, they are powered by a 14500 Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

  • Extremely Cheap
  • Really Good Construction
  • Durable and Resistant

  • Not as Bright as Expected

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Coast G19 LED Inspection

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Made with inspection Beam Optics for a bright and clear light, it can go up to two and a half hours straight without losing its power – the Coast G19 is an incredibly excellent choice for anyone who wants an EDC. Its beam can go up to 20 meters with enough force to provide outstanding visuals even in the darkest of situations.

The construction of the device is also incredibly well-made, really light, and extra small so you can store it anywhere you want and go everywhere with it without problems. It is also resistant and grip-oriented, with a proper design to also be comfortable in the hand.

  • Durable and Resistant Build
  • Much More Comfortable and Versatile
  • High-Quality Inspection Beam

  • Small Inspection Beam

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2cl direct Tactical Multi-Purpose Pen

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If you are someone who loves practicality, you will find this option extremely convincing. This Self-Defense Tactical pen from 2cl is not entirely a flashlight, yet it provides some other useful features like a glass-breaker, a ball-point pen and a multi-tool head you can use at any moment, getting to be incredibly convenient, much more than any other on the list.

Its LED flashlight is good enough to illuminate big spots for up to 10 meters in front of you, so bright it will let you see anything at any time. The 303 Stainless steel construction of the device makes it incredibly resistant and durable, while also being really stylish with a luxury finish, so you get an even better product entirely.

  • Wonderful Multi-Purpose Features
  • Excellent Convenient Design
  • Good-Looking and Compact

  • Light is Not Reliable

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Anker Bolder LC40

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Compact and simple design, that’s what the Anker Bolder LC40 is, a pretty useful and efficient flashlight for everyday carry that comes in a standard yet convincing design. It is pretty bright as well, with a 400 lumens capacity in its CREE LED light, capable of producing a 100-meter beam in 3 modes for different uses.

The device is also pretty resistant, with an IPX5 waterproof construction made of aluminum and an even better durability due to its 18650 rechargeable battery. It can last up to 50,000 hours in its useful life. And of course, it will always come handy no matter where you are, as it is designed to be pretty small and capable of fitting any pocket

  • Durable And Highly Resistant
  • Simple and Small Design
  • Decent Brightness for the Price

  • Uncomfortable Batteries for the Device

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Zotoyi XML T6 Torch Light

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Specially designed to be perfect to be more robust, if you are someone who likes compact but pretty sturdy designs, the Zotoyi XML T6 Torch Light is the one for you. It comes in 5 different styles, all of the excellently made of aluminum alloy, so they are pretty durable and resistant. The LED is supposed to give up to 1000 lumens thanks to its XML-T6 beam, capable of going up to 200m smoothly.

The device also provides 5 modes to fit the needs of users in different situations. And thanks to the 18650 battery use, it can last a long time and eventually be recharged when needed. Also, the lens is pretty well made, with an anti-scratch and shatterproof build.

  • Highly Superior Tough Construction
  • Excellent Durability and Resistant
  • Incredible Brightness

  • A Little Bigger Than Expected

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Tactical TMT PLx Penlight

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5.11 is a brand that always delivers some of the highest-quality products for tactical use – just like this TMT PLx Penlight – an almost perfect design with everything needed to become essential for everyday use. It provides users with a 40-meter light beam, capable of illuminating much better than bigger devices. And of course, it is pretty easy to use.

Its construction is entirely robust, with a rugged design and a water-resistant build capable of also resisting even the hardest of shocks. It is entirely made of aluminum, and with its metal pocket clip, you can bring it with you everywhere you want.

  • Incredibly Small Design
  • Entirely Resistant and Long-Lasting
  • Highly Effective Beam Light

  • Not Too Bright

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Olight S1 Baton

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Sometimes, getting a cheap product is just not enough, so then come a premium-quality device like the Olight S1 Baton, capable of delivering a superior performance on almost every aspect. This flashlight is both compact and pretty bright, with a small design to fit anywhere you want but still powerful enough thanks to its XM-L2 CW LED 500-lumens light.

It is professionally made, with a T6 aluminum construction and a PMMA TIR lens. It also features 5 modes, 3 standards and 2 special, which offer incredible usability for the most challenging situations. It is battery powered and needs at least one CR123A battery to function in its lowest mode. The device is water and scratch resistant too.

  • Awesome Brightness For Its Size
  • Incredibly Resistant and Long-Lasting Build
  • Extremely Reliable At All Times

  • A Bit Pricey

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Streamlight MicroStream

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A flashlight made of anodized aluminum needs to be pretty useful, just like the Streamlight MicroStream. This device can offer an incredible brightness most of the time while being capable of delivering up to 30,000 hours of use in its life. And of course, it is entirely small, so it fits everywhere you can store it.

Its micro-optical system makes it much more useful, as it optimizes the use of power and helps it to last longer than most. With its waterproof construction and unbreakable lens, you can be sure it will be much more resistant as well. It also comes with its own pocket clip.

  • Really Good Price for its Quality
  • Long-Lasting and Pretty Tough Construction
  • Decent Brightness

  • Beam is A Little Small

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J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight

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J5 Tactical is a brand that knows how to make tactical products. That’s exactly what this 300 Lumens V1 Pro flashlight comes with, an excellent quality in its entirety. The light of this device can go up to 600 feet without problems, delivering a pretty brilliant performance as well. The design is intelligently made, uses only a 14500 rechargeable battery, it is pretty robust in its construction, and still provides extreme portability with its compact design.

The device offers 3 modes, a High a Low and a Strobe. It can also be zoomed in and out when needed. And will work for practically any situation, as you can carry it with you no matter where you go thanks to its incredible build.

  • Highly Effective Beam Potency
  • Much Easier to Use and Pretty Comfortable
  • Utterly Portable and Long-Lasting

  • Design is Not as Resistant as Expected

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ThruNite TN12 2016 XP-L Cool

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Despite being a little more expensive than others, the ThruNite TN12 XP-L Cool flashlight will make a perfect addition to anyone’s everyday carry items for sure. It is exceptionally well-made entirely, pretty compact, durable and extremely tough thanks to its stainless steel build. Also, it is more portable and provides a use for any activity without exceptions.

The LED Bulb is a CREE XP-L V6 capable of delivering up to 1000 lumens without a problem, working especially well with 18650 rechargeable batteries. It comes with an IPX-8 water resistance; it is pretty comfortable in the hand and comes in various modes to use in different situations, even the darkest and most challenging ones.

  • Extremely Durable and Resistant
  • Superior Versatility
  • Amazing Brightness

  • A Little Expensive


An EDC flashlight is a device you will carry everywhere you go and will mainly use it for emergency situations or pretty specific ones that may not be precisely where anyone hopes to be at. Including blackouts at home, if the device you go for doesn’t provide the reliability and effectiveness you’re looking for, that situation may become a lot more frustrating and stressful than it would normally be. So, why don’t take a look further and find out which features to consider when buying? It will make it a lot easier for you to pick the right one…


It is not a mistake; all flashlights are made with LED lights. And that’s something you need to know, as you shouldn’t expect anything different. However, not all LED flashlights are the same, so you may encounter various models out there, all offering different brightness, beams and overall effectiveness.

When going on your flashlight-buying adventure, you must make sure you know which LEDs you should consider and which you shouldn’t, by taking into account your needs and wishes. Usually, CREE XP LEDs are often the most potent and useful, offering a pretty brilliant performance that can go from 100 in a cheap LED, to 1000 Lumens in the most expensive version. However, other LEDs like XML are also recommended, as they are good enough to offer decent lights.


An EDC flashlight can be made of different types of materials and offer diverse designs that could provide enhanced grip, more compact builds and so on. Yet, what really matters is what type of material it is made of.

For example, aluminum is the most common material for these devices, as they come incredibly light and can be even more durable than harder metals. Anodized aluminum is an enhanced version of this one.

Another material you could consider is stainless steel, as it tends to offer a much better resistant against water than aluminum, and eventually provides a light construction as well. Yet, it is a little more expensive and is not as light as aluminum.

And titanium, it is the usual material used in the most expensive EDC flashlights out there, offering exceptional durability and resistance, superior grip, and a much stronger feeling entirely. Additionally, it is lighter than aluminum but a lot more expensive.


Not all EDC lights offer additional features that could come handy in challenging situations, yet a lot of them actually do. Most flashlights just come with modes like SOS which is mainly designed to be used in emergency situations. But some torches may come with even more than that, like glass-breakers, drivers, and so on. Make sure you can get one device that offers some additional features, so you get even more usability.

To pick the perfect one, here you have extra tips to consider:

- There are many materials a flashlight can be made of. From aluminum to steel and titanium, yet other ones like brass or copper can work pretty well too – especially when used as a coating to improve resistance and durability.

- Other features like pocket clips or holster may come very useful as well. They may increase the portability, especially when they are versatile features like lanyards.

- Also, remember that the brightest is not always the most useful. Sometimes, the one with the weaker beam may eventually be a lot more effective, especially in situations when power is essential.

No matter what you end up choosing, remember that an EDC flashlight is all about using when needed. These flashlights won’t be a perfect a device to use every day, but they will quickly become your most trusted partner if used correctly.

So don’t let yourself get blacked out without a handy flashlight anymore – with our recommendations and advice you will surely find the right device for you.

If you want to get safely and more efficiently from emergencies or unexpected situations, you may need one of our most recommended EDC flashlights. Come and check them out!

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