10 Best Circular Saw 2017

Tired of cutting logs and wood tables ineffectively? Use a circular saw and make every piece of wood to be cut perfectly clean effortlessly…

Circular saws are simply awesome. They will make woodworking more exact, easy, comfortable and faster than doing it with any other type of saw – and of course – the results are always a lot better no matter the type of wood. But that only happens when you know how to use the tool properly, and when the machine itself is good enough to help you cut exactly what you need and how you need it. Yet sometimes, having the proper tool and the appropriate knowledge and how to use it is not that easy.

To help you make a much better choice when buying, and eventually, help you have a much better woodworking experience – here’s a great list of recommendations and an easy-to-follow buying guide. Take a look!

10 Circular Saw Review 2017

Black & Decker BDCCS20B Bare Tool

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A cheap version for those beginners on wood-cutting, as it offers a comfortable experience, efficient performance, and a still high torque for superior power. You will be able to cut all types of wood easily, while also having the proper control and bevel adjustment, so you won’t only make the cut a lot easier but a lot more accurate as well.

The tool is a lot smaller than most, making it really convenient when it comes to portability. Additionally, the 5.5-inches blade is good enough to cut many types of wood, with a serrated blade and a perfect size for comfortable performance.

  • Really Easy and Comfortable to Use
  • Superior Performance Despite its Size
  • Versatile and Convenient

  • Not recommended for Long Cuts

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Bosch CS5

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With a 120-volt battery, the Bosch CS5 is simply an incredibly powerful 15-amp saw that will help you cut whatever you want more easily and faster than ever. You won’t believe how useful this device is, and how much wood you will be able to cut. The tool provides the user with a superior line of sight for better safety, a great construction for more durability and a really convenient set of features for a more convenient performance.

The saw comes with a left-side blade, totally easy to use, especially when you do it alongside the anti-snag guard that offers better security when using. The blade is 7.25-inches long, good enough to cut both small and medium size wood pieces. And if you want to change the blade, there’s no a device as easy as this one for that.

  • Really Powerful Built
  • Greatly Effective and Easy-to-Use
  • Long Blade for Convenient Cuts

  • Uncomfortable Left-Side Blade

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Ryobi P504G 18 V Lithium Ion

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A little small design but practical nonetheless. The Ryobi P504G One+ is a high-quality circular saw for those who want an effective performance in hardest wood places, at any angle, but still totally easy to use while at it. You won’t have a problem when using this one, with a 5.5-inches blade, a 18V battery, and an ergonomic and grip-oriented handle so you can use more comfortably and safely at the same time.

The device also features a cut scale so you can measure the exact type of cut you want to make, in a really convenient way. And what’s even better, you can adjust the bevel up to 50 degrees to create different types of cut, in depth or in length more easily.

  • Small But Really Effective
  • Convenient Design for Better Comfort
  • Versatile Performance

  • Not as Powerful As Others

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Hitachi C7SB2

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Big and powerful, the Hitachi C7SB2 is simply a product not to overlook, as it will help you make accurate cuts while also being really effective for even the hardest of wood, or even other materials without a problem. This 7.25-inches and 15 AMP saw, won’t be let you work without the proper feeling of security on doing perfect cuts more easily and comfortably.

The entire device is made of a heavy-duty aluminum alloy material, plus a well-made magnesium alloy blade. Comes with a depth lever for a more acceptable performance, and offer a bevel so you can change from 0 to 55 degrees when cutting, for a more efficient and accurate result.

  • Great Size and Power for Harder Wood
  • Totally Easy to Use
  • Resistant and Durable Construction

  • Not as Safe As Others

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Want to know what a good and reliable product is? Go for the Porter-Cable PC15TCS, you won’t believe how useful, efficient, quality-oriented and totally convenient it is for woodworking. It comes with a 15 AMP motor, a 7.25-inches blade, a bevel capacity for up to 45 degrees, ergonomic design, and a light construction so you can do whatever you want with it easily.

You can also enjoy a superior line of sight for a safer use, a durable metal alloy construction, a spindle lock for easier bit changing, and a kerf indicator so you can make more accurate and cleaner cuts. You will be able to use it without feeling fatigue but at the same time making precious cuts a lot more comfortable than with any other.

  • Powerful, Effective and Accurate Performance
  • Durable and Light Construction
  • Convenient and Totally Easy-to-Use

  • A Little Short Cord

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SKIL 5280

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Skil products are always high quality in every way, and the 5280 circular saw is not an exception. It provides users of a powerful and comfortable performance, with a 7.25-inches blade and a 15 AMP motor, making it easier and incredibly efficient for most woodworking activities.

This one comes with a light construction, making it easier to work for longer and you won’t get too tired. Also, it offers a 45-degree lever, an integrated dust blower that comes very handy, and a really convenient carrying bag to enhance portability. If you need an almost perfect device, the Skil 5280 is an excellent choice for sure.

  • Totally Effective Performance
  • Greatly Convenient Features
  • Easy to Use and to Transport

  • Construction Is Not as Resistant

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Milwaukee M18 2620

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There are brands which usually offer superior quality and entirely reliable products, like Milwaukee, creating such devices as the circular saw M18 2630 model, an incredibly useful tool that will work for any type of woodwork without any problem. This is a battery-powered device, with an 18-volt performance, but always efficient enough for even the hardest of woods.

The entire construction is made of high-quality materials, like heavy-duty magnesium alloy guards, making it much more durable and resistant to constant use. The blade of this saw is 6.5-inches long, good enough for small, medium and even big sized pieces of wood. Also, the handle it comes with offers better comfort when using, while also being grip-oriented for a safer experience. Lastly, the product is really light despite its size, so you can transport everywhere and use it more efficiently.

  • Incredible Performance and Effectiveness
  • Cuts All Types of Wood Easily
  • Light Build Despite its Size

  • Expensive Battery

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Recommended for professional users and experienced woodworkers, the Skilsaw SPT77WML is a highly superior contestant in the list, offering both great performance, highly powerful system, and an incredibly durable and resistant construction. There’s nothing this device cannot do, so you don’t have a problem when considering it.

The device comes with a 15 AMP motor, alongside a 53-degrees bevel, a 7.25-inches blade, and a light built, and a superior Worm Drive gearing, making it much better when it comes to torque and power. It also provides a Cut-Ready system for accurate cuts, and a really well-made aluminum guard for better safety when using.

  • High-Quality Design and Performance
  • Recommended for Professional Woodworkers
  • Powerful, Effective and Convenient Entirely

  • More Expensive Than Most

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Makita 5007MG

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Some people want a good product to use at home, a product with a great effectiveness, a light construction, a convenient design and still being powerful enough to handle it even in the hardest of applications. That’s what the 5007MG Makita circular saw offers, an amazingly useful tool that will help you even in the darkest of places thanks to the integrated LED lights.

The blade of this device is 7.25-inches, working alongside a 15 AMP motor for superior performance entirely. You can cut 2 inches at different angles without a problem, thanks to the 56-degree bevel capacity. And what’s even better, the superior magnesium blade construction and aluminum case of the device make it really light, much more than others for excellent portability and comfortable use.

  • Light and Durable Construction
  • Extremely Versatile and Easy to Use
  • Powerful and Effective

  • A Little Uncomfortable for Some

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We all know how good DeWalt is, a brand that always delivers great-quality tools of any type, at a better price and always good enough to be used both by beginners and professionals without problems. This one is no exception, the DWE57SB circular saw, with a 7.25-inches blade and an extremely light construction makes woodworking a lot easier and comfortable than any other.

It offers a really durable construction despite its weight. Also, you can enjoy a more versatile use, with a 57-degree beveling system, an electric brake for superior safety, an integrated dust blower and much better effectiveness when cutting. Want a device that’s easily perfection in every aspect? This one is the one no one should overlook.

  • High-Quality Performance At All Times
  • Excellent Convenient Design and Features
  • Much Lighter Than Most and Easier to Use

  • Short Cord


Anyone who’s looking for a circular saw needs to know what exactly makes a good one. To make it easier for you to choose the right one, here’s a straightforward guide that will help you immensely:


Bigger is almost always better. The size of the blade alongside the aperture will tell you what types of wood you can cut, how hard and how much. The bigger circular saws can go from 6.5-inches to 10-inches or even more in the industrial models. However, for a significant model go for something between the 6 and 8 inches, and that would be more than enough. But don’t forget that if you just need to cut small pieces of wood, you can also go for a 5.5-inches version or an even smaller one if you can find it. This way you won’t have to pay for a big product when you only need a small one.


From the beveling system control and length to the depth of the cut, you need a saw that allows you to change between different degrees of cutting options. This way you can make a perfect cut without problems. When it comes to beveling systems go for something around 40 and 60 degrees. And for depth, it shouldn’t be less than 2-inches for broader options.


Most circular saws are cord-powered, but it is possible to choose a battery-powered one, which usually is much more convenient when it comes to portability and ease of use. For corded models, go for something that offers at least 12 AMP of power, and for battery models, make sure it doesn’t go lower than 15-volt. Whatever that is superior to this is good enough.


Safety is really important in these devices. From a proper blade guard to a brake and even ergonomic handles and such – it is essential always to be safe or else you can end up in terrible accidents. For this, we recommend always going for models with aluminum or metal alloy guards, while also making sure the device comes with a brake or locking system for more comfortable handling. And finally, it should be easy to use, comfortable, not too heavy and grip-oriented, as you won’t like the device falling down from your hands at any time.

Finally, to choose the right one, you just need to make sure to take into consideration all these features together, and it will end up in a perfect result – helping you buy an ideal device for sure.

Don’t waste more of your time, consider our options and advice – you won’t regret buying a high-quality circular saw with our help!

Here’s the perfect guide and recommendations to buy a circular saw – come take a look to find out everything you need to know about these devices and more!

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