10 Best Belt Sander 2017

Are you looking for a product to make wood look smoother  than doing it by hand? A belt sander can be your best choice without a doubt, and here’s why…

These devices are really efficient, fast and can make the sanding or leveling of surfaces a lot easier than doing it by hand. They are totally easy to use, while also provide the user with many other uses like shaping, trimming or just rounding in wood or other materials – so you can create smoother surfaces without problems. But all sanders are different, and depending on what you intend to use one of these, you will have to take into consideration different things…

But don’t worry. If you learn the many different aspects to consider from belt sanders and eventually take a look at some of the most recommended options – it is for certain that you will make a much better choice. Take a look further and find out much more about them!

10 Belt Sander Review 2017

Black&Decker DS321 Dragster

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Black & Decker products are known for being reliable, durable, really efficient and always easy to use. And sometimes, like in this DS321 Dragster Belt sander, you can obtain all that for an incredibly low price. The entire construction of the device is much better than most, with a 3-inches by 21-inches belt performance, and a greatly convenient design for easier use.

The front roller built makes it totally easy to reach even the hardest corners, and with its retractable construction and the handle, you will have much more control when using it. And of course, it comes with its own dust collector for a cleaner performance. Easily, the DS321 sander with a 6 AMP motor can provide the user with a high-quality experience at all times.

  • Really Effective for the Price
  • Effortless Performance
  • Much Easier to Control

  • A Little Messy When Working

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Genesis GBS321A

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You can reach the hardest places, make sure even the hardest of woods can get smooth, and also work more cleanly than with other devices – the GBS321A from Genesis is an option not to overlook. It comes with almost everything you could expect from a product like this, with a high-quality 8 AMP motor offering great speed control, an adjustable and comfortable handle, and an incredibly convenient dust bag.

The entire construction of the device is designed to provide much more versatility, being less noisy than other options and increasingly effective when it comes to working with a 3 x 21-inches belt design.

  • Immensely Powerful for the Price
  • Well-Made Construction
  • Reliable and Versatile

  • Doesn’t Collect Dust Too Well

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SKIL 7510-01 SandCat

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For those who like a cleaner performance, the Skil 7510-01 SandCat sander is an excellent choice for sure. This device features a really well-made and effective micro-filtration system that works as a dust collector, but this time working especially on the finest and most difficult wood particles that go in the air. This makes the performance a lot cleaner while also providing the user with a more convenient design.

The Pressure Control function of the tool also makes it really safe, as it will tell when the user is using too much pressure. On the other hand, with a 6 AMP motor, the device provides a high-quality performance, sanding and smoothing even the most demanding surfaces without problems.

  • Extremely Convenient Design
  • Greatly Effective Performance
  • Cleaner and Safer to Use

  • Not Recommended for Hard Wood

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Ridgid ZRR2740

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The Ridgid ZRR2740 is a powerful yet decent device that will make any type of sanding look a lot easier. It comes with a 6.5 AMP motor, making it incredibly sturdy for almost all types of applications, while also providing a much more durable performance thanks to its perfect construction.

If you are someone who likes clean performance, this one provides precisely that, thanks to a twin-fan design, improving the dust collection of the device and doubling the dust capacity as well. The belt tracking tool makes it able to adjust itself when needed for an easier performance, and thanks to the grip-oriented handle, you won’t have any problem with comfort or safety.

  • Really Safe and Comfortable
  • Well-Made and Convenient
  • Totally Easy to Use

  • Not as Powerful as Expected

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WEN 6321

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The Wen 6321 features a 7 AMP to provide a high-quality performance at all times, with a compact design and a really light construction for superior comfort when using. The device also comes with a convenient dust bag for collection, making the product a lot cleaner, working exceptionally excellent with the Lock-In feature that allows users to do sanding for longer without problems.

It can do anything you want without problems, as it is much more efficient, always leaving a smoother and cleaner finish on every surface. It weighs only 6 pounds, making it really easy to handle, mainly thanks to the grip-oriented handle for even safer use. The device features a 3 x 18-inches belt design for a practical result.

  • Powerful Performance
  • Easier to Use
  • Reliable Design

  • A Bit Uncomfortable

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Hitachi SB8V2

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Some people like premium-quality products, those devices that will deliver an extremely powerful performance while also providing a superior, reliable and durable construction. The Hitachi SB8V2 is a product that everyone should consider when buying, as it can be used by professionals and beginners alike, thanks to a more convenient and straightforward design.

Yet, the device features a 9 AMP motor, making it incredibly useful with different speeds to choose. It can smooth even the hardest of surfaces and can be used without problems due to a more user-friendly design. And if you want a cleaner performance, the tool comes with a dust-bag collection system, capable enough to make the working area much more comfortable to work at. It offers a 3 x 21 inches belt design.

  • Extremely Powerful
  • Much More Reliable and Durable Construction
  • Exceedingly Versatile and Easy to Use

  • A Little Unbalanced Performance

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Easily the most powerful hand-held belt sander on the list, the Porter-Cable 362V with a 4 x 24 inches size, can be used for all types of applications, working effectively and comfortably even in hard places, with a bigger and much more versatile design. It comes with a 12 AMP motor, powerful enough to provide an incredible performance at all times, making smoother surfaces faster than ever.

You won’t believe how useful this one can be, offering an extensive capacity for dust collection, while also providing an ergonomic and comfortable handle, good enough to make the device much easier to use. And thanks to the 360-degrees swivel bag, you will perform cleanlier than with any other.

  • Awesomely Convenient Design
  • Incredibly Powerful
  • Clean, Reliable, Durable and Easy to Use

  • A Little Unreliable Dust Bag

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Astro 3037

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A different type of belt sander, with a 0.5 x 18 inches design, making it really effective for weld removal in highly tricky places – the Astro 3037 is an option you shouldn’t overlook if you think it can help you out. The entire construction of this product is extremely effective, believed to provide the user with a high-quality performance at all times, even in hard wood.

You can change the speed to whatever you want, being able to enjoy a 5 AMP motor that delivers up to 16,000 RPM. The entire device is really light as well, despite its unusual construction. And yet, it works incredibly well, offering a durable and reliable experience.

  • Extremely Useful for Difficult Places
  • Really Unusual but Effective Design
  • Powerful Despite Its Construction

  • Not Recommended for Normal Sanding

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Kalamazoo 1SM Belt Sander

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Not a conventional sander and not precisely the one used for wood. This one is mostly recommended for industrial use in plastics and other composites, yet it can work pretty well with wood as well. It doesn’t work with AMPs but with H/P, offering 1/3 power, enough to go up to 1750 RPM without problems, for a much more effective sanding.

The belt it uses is 1 x 42 inches, good enough to work with bigger pieces of wood and other materials. Also, the device is really light despite its big construction so it can be transported anywhere as it only weighs 32lbs.

  • Recommended for Industrial Use
  • Highly Effective and Powerful
  • Totally Easy to Use

  • Much Bigger Construction

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Makita 9903

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With an 8.8 AMP motor, the Makita 9903 is inarguably the most powerful and incredibly efficient device on the list, offering a superior smoothing performance while also being a lot more silent than most. You won’t have a problem while using this tool, as it will make even the hardest of materials get entirely smooth, cleaner and exactly how you want it.

The device also provides the user with an adjustable speed dial, good enough to match your needs. The auto-tracking belt system is well-made too, making it easier to change and use the product. It offers a highly grip-oriented design as well so you can use it more comfortably. And thanks to its quieter performance, you will be able to enjoy a much calmer experience.

  • Really Quiet Despite its Powerful Performance
  • Much More Effective For Different Applications
  • Easy to Use and To Control

  • Really Expensive


Thinking of getting one of these? Well, you may need to look for some information about them first. This way you will avoid getting a bad product or just making a wrong decision when buying. Here’s what you should consider when taking a look at your options:


The effectiveness of a belt sander is all about how powerful it is. The more powerful the device, the more efficient and reliable the product is in the long run. Yet, most sanding applications don’t need too much power, unless you want to trim or reshape a piece of hardwood, then it can become convenient.

If you want a powerful device, go for something above the 7 AMP of motor power. Else, choose something around 5 or 6, which would be enough for most sanding jobs.

Size & Weight

When getting a belt sander, it is essential to know if the product is easy to use, comfortable and reliable. And all that comes down to the size and weight of the product. The bigger the product, the harder it is to maneuver and to get to difficult places. And the heavier it is, the more difficult it will be to use it. That’s why you can choose many different options, some models featuring unusual designs specially made to provide a much more versatile performance on different applications. If you are not planning on using the product for industrial use, for example, just go for something with a belt size of 4 x 24 inches or similar, that would be more than enough.


Other features can make a belt sander efficient, reliable, durable and so on. These features can be the speed, something that could make the product work much more efficiently. The speed matters but goes almost directly proportional to how powerful the device is. Also, you need to consider how many different speeds you can use, with the most convenient models offering up to 4 different speeds for various applications. Other features like the belt-changing system can make the product much easier to use if you get to pick a product with a more accessible belt-changing technology. And finally, the dust collector, an essential part of these devices for some, as it can make the performance of the product a lot more efficient as they leave the work area much cleaner and smoother.

In short, you just need to look for a product that delivers the comfort and performance you need for your sanding functions. The more suitable the product for you, the more effective and useful it will become. So make sure it fits your needs and get the perfect product for you.

Don’t hesitate in following our advice and considering our various recommendations – you won’t believe how great handy advice can become when you don’t know what to pick.

For those who want to get the highest-quality product to provide an excellent sanding to their woods, one of these belt sanders may come highly efficient without a doubt.

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