10 Best Cordless Impact Wrench 2018

Want to remove the most challenging and hard bolt but don’t have the proper tool to do it? You may have come to the perfect place…

Whether you want to unscrew a nut from your car or a tightened bolt that doesn’t want to come out, a cordless impact wrench is for sure a perfect way to do it. There’s simply no other tool out there, mechanical or electrical, that does the same thing. This means that you will have to use one of these if you really want results. But not all of these wrenches offer the efficiency you may be looking for, so it is important to choose according to certain rules.

If you want a detailed and understandable guide on how to choose the proper cordless wrench, you can keep looking into this article, and you will find out. Remember to consider each one of our recommendations as well…

10 Cordless Impact Wrench Review 2018

Astro Pneumatic Tool 1822

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Tired of having to carry a big storage case for your impact wrench? This one won’t let you do that, as it is an incredibly nano-sized impact wrench with a powerful 150lbs torque and a twin-hammer designed for superior reliability.

This one is the perfect tool for the hardest-to-reach bolts or nuts you want to unscrew, while also being incredibly effective and powerful no matter how hard they are screwed. It provides three different forward speeds and 3 reverse ones for superior convenience. And if you wanted a lightweight performance, it only weighs 3lbs so you can be comfortable at all times.

  • Powerful for its Size
  • Space Efficient and Easy to Carry
  • Reliable and Effective

  • Not as Powerful as Bigger Options

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Goodyear 24V Impact Wrench

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Want to have the perfect tool for repairs on the go? The Goodyear 24v cordless wrench is ideal for that and much more. With a 200lbs torque and 24V powered Nicad battery, you can ensure a much more responsive performance, while also being totally effective for most applications.

The trigger to use it is much more comfortable and comes with an electronic brake for safety. The gears and complete heavy-duty construction make it totally reliable and durable. Provides a reverse and forward speed, and also allows users to transport the device much more easily with a comfortable plastic storage case.

  • Practical and Comfortable Design
  • Powerful and Reliable
  • Long-Lasting Construction

  • A Little Deficient Battery

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Craftsman C3 19V

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With a superior speed of 3000 RPM and a torque of 300lbs, you can unscrew or tighten any type of bolt or nut you desire effortlessly. It is incredibly powerful and effective, for even the hardest of situations. It comes with a 4Ah XCP Lithium-Ion battery that offers superior reliability as well so you can use it whenever you want for longer.

The XCP technology on the torque makes the wrench really strong as well, so it is 20% more efficient than most. Features 3 built-in led lights for increased convenience and thanks to the overmold handle, you will have the perfect comfort and grip when using.

  • Superior Power and Effectiveness
  • Sleek and Reliable Design
  • Durable and Convenient Built

  • A Little Heavier than Most

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A powerful impact wrench with a really compact design, the ANI405 from ACDelco is what anyone who needs superior performance and portability wants.  It offers a torque of 500lbs, a 7000 RPM speed, and a fantastic 4-speeds setting, three forward and 1 reverse for increased convenience.

The Twin-hammer mechanism makes the product superior in effectiveness as well. You won’t find a bolt or nut impossible to unscrew or to tighten. It is designed to offer an incredible reliability and a really versatile performance so you can use it almost at any time and anywhere without effort. The handle is totally grip-oriented and ergonomic for superior comfort.

  • Incredibly Powerful
  • Powerful Twin Hammer Mechanism
  • Much More Comfortable and Safe to Use

  • Really Heavy

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Makita XWT04Z LXT 18V

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If you are looking for superior reliability and a different effectiveness, there’s no doubt the Makita XWT04Z wrench is the one for you. With a 325lbs torque and 1600 RPM for speed, you won’t find any bolt or nut impossible to unscrew. The handle is shock-absorbent and resistant so you can be much more comfortable when using it, and safer too.

It features a rocker switch so you can change the operation from reverse to forward easily. It also provides the user with a superior compact design so it can be used even in the hardest of situations while weighing only 7.5lbs – almost half of what others do. And despite that, you will receive a more durable and resistant construction.

  • Incredibly Effective
  • Robust and Reliable for the Size
  • Compact and Lightweight

  • Doesn’t Come with Batteries

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Ryobi P261 18 Volt Wrench

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Offering 3 different speeds to work with, the Ryobi P261 is a professional-quality impact wrench for those situations when you need a more powerful tool. With 500lbs of torque and a 3200 RPM speed, you won’t find anything this device can’t do, and will for sure be more than a necessity each time you need to tighten or unscrew something.

The rubberized handle makes the pistol grip incredibly effective and reliable. The LED lights allow everyone to use it even in the darkest of situations, and thanks to a square anvil, it will be much more retentive-oriented than most. The 18V battery makes the product long-lasting as well, especially for its superior power efficiency.

  • Highly Potent Performance
  • Truly Effective Construction
  • Safe and Comfortable to Use

  • Battery Is Not Added

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Ingersoll Rand W7150-K1 Hi-Torque

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Want superior torque and speed? The 1000lbs torque of the Ingersoll Rand W7150 may be what you need. This powerful forward and reverse wrench will help you do whatever you want thanks to its incredible power, and still be able to help you reach even the hardest of places with a smaller compact design and a really lightweight 6.8lbs construction.

The entire case of the device is made of aluminum for superior durability and resistance. And of course, it will be really comfortable to use thanks to the over-molded handle that reduces vibration and fatigue when using. The 20V lithium-ion batteries are handy as well.

  • Much More Powerful Than Most
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Extremely Reliable and Effective Performance

  • Much More Expensive than Others

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Porter-Cable is a brand that’s known for its superior-quality products when it comes to home tools and the like. That’s why this incredible cordless baretool is a highly-recommended option, especially for those who want both great torque and speed, while also looking for a highly excellent durability.

The 330lbs torque and the 1650 RPM performance make it really efficient for any type of application. You will also be able to enjoy from a compact and lightweight design. And if you wanted a long-lasting battery, this one also offers that. The handle is over-mold for superior grip and comfort. And of course, it comes with LED lights for use in the dark.

  • Superior Effectiveness
  • Powerful and Reliable
  • Incredible Durability and Resistance

  • A Little Big

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Milwaukee 2763-20 M18 Hi- Torque with Friction Ring (Bare Tool)

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Not does this great wrench provides superior performance and power, it also makes sure the user looks good thanks to a really cool design. The 1000lbs of loosing torque plus the 700lbs of tightening, you will obtain a powerful product that will also help you use it for longer, not only because it has a really durable battery power but because it comes with a PowerState Brushless motor that cools itself after some time.

The Redlithim XC5.0 battery is extremely reliable and thanks to the superior performance, you will obtain double the runtime than most wrenches. Additionally, you have a trigger with various speeds and a highly compatible anvil.

  • Incredibly Potent Performance
  • Much More Durable Battery
  • Good-Looking and Comfortable Design

  • Batteries are Really Expensive

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DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless

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You won’t find a more convenient and powerful brushless wrench anywhere. This incredible kit is a lot better than many others out there, with a powerful 700lbs breakaway torque and a 1200lbs tightening one so you can do whatever you want with it and always receive incredible results.

The heavy-duty construction makes it durable as well so you won’t have to worry when using it. The brushless motor won’t allow you to get away from a unscrewing task, never. And of course, it comes with a handy LED light system for when you need to use it in dark places. It offers up to 1900 RPM.

  • Convenient Kit
  • Truly effective Performance
  • Much More Reliable and Durable Built

  • Expensive


Whatever it is you want to use a cordless impact wrench, it is important to remember that you need a good one or else you won’t be able to receive great results. That’s why it is important to know which ones are good and which are not, as well as it is important to learn more about what makes one of these perfect for the desired activity. If you want to choose an excellent option, here’s what you should consider:


Not a secret so far, the torque clearly states how powerful the device is. The more torque it has, the better it is. However, it is important to note that there are two types of torque, forward and reverse. Some devices offer the same max torque for both types, while the most efficient ones often offer much more torque for reverse power than to forward power. If you want enough torque for easy screwing or unscrewing, you will need at least 150lbs of torque. For superior power, go for something over the 1000lbs of torque.


The RPMs are often necessary to know so you can find out how fast it works and how effective the wrench is. If you want the perfect RPM, go for something over the 1000 RPMs. For lower performance, a 550 RPM speed is the minimum you should consider. It is important to know that RPMs that are too high may lower the torque, but only when going over 1500 RPM.


When using an impact wrench, it is common to feel a little fatigue in the hand, wrist or in the arm. This is where the weight and the type of handle come into work. It is always necessary to find a comfortable handle so you won’t have any problem while grabbing the wrench, and of course, make sure the device doesn’t weigh more than 7.5lbs, or it will be challenging to use.


For superior torque, speed and overall performance, you may need a bigger and heavier wrench. If you need, however, a more compact and lightweight device, go for smaller options, especially if you don’t need superb power. So, it is important to note that the smaller the device, the less powerful it will be, most of the time. However, they will be apt to be used even in hard-to-reach places, so they can end up being really handy.

Here are few additional tips to consider when buying a good impact wrench:

- The anvil size and design are often obligatory to consider when purchasing. Some wrenches may offer versatile anvil so you can change accordingly – but some do not. Make sure you choose a good one.

- Ergonomics and balance often have a significant impact on how useful the product is. Make sure not only that it is easy to use and comfortable, but that it goes according to what you can carry and work with.

- Most cordless wrenches offer up to 3 years of warranty, but some of them may not provide even 1 year. Make sure yours offers at least 1 or else you may be buying a deficient product without quality service.

Need a potent wrench for your hardest bolt unscrewing? Or are you just looking for a compact one to use in a hard-to-reach place? Well, whatever it is you’re looking for, there’s no doubt that with our help and recommendations you may find the perfect one – or even better than that.

So use our recommendations, consider our advice, and make the right choice according to that. An excellent cordless wrench can be extremely helpful if you know how to choose it.

Let yourself have the most powerful and comfortable impact wrench in your hands right now. One of these options can be the perfect one for you – come and see!

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