10 Best Cordless Drill 2018

Need to drill in a location where there’s no power outlet close by? Cordless drill is the perfect solution to that and the wireless solution to many other problems as well…

Have you ever thought about the cordless opportunities you can have with a device that doesn’t require any type of power wire to turn on? Well, that’s what a cordless drill offers. This is one of the most convenient battery-powered systems so you can do your drilling whenever you want, wherever you want, without any problem. Yet, not all these drills are as good as you think – so it is important to choose the right one…

Here we are going to talk about drills and the many different options available in the market. Keep reading and find out!

10 Cordless Drill Review 2018

Genesis GCD18BK

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For those who are looking for superior performance at a very affordable price, the Genesis GCD18BK drill is a perfect choice without a doubt. This one, with a 3/8-inch keyless chuck and a LED light, offers incredible convenient design and a wonderfully efficient performance. It has a torque of 16 positions and an electric brake for more security.

It can go up to 550 RPM effortlessly and features a magnetic bit tray and a pistol grip with rubberized built. The 18V Ni-Cad battery is also reliable as well, working perfectly alongside the charger and the storage case for superior comfort and easiness of carrying.

  • Really Cheap
  • Effective and Convenient
  • Durable and Easy to Use

  • A Little Unreliable

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Cartman Lithium-Ion 20V

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With a 20V Li-Ion battery, this Cartman drill is a powerful and yet still durable and reliable performer. You won’t have any trouble when using it, as it offers superior grip, great magnetic brake and a perfect 21+1 speed control for superior performance.

It features different bits and adapters, comes with 2 batteries and its own carrying case for superior comfort and portability. It offers an excellent 1500 RPM torque as well, making it incredibly powerful despite its reasonable price. It is entirely easy-to-use and even easier to charge and to transport wherever you desire.

  • Reasonable Price for the Quality
  • Powerful 1500 RPM Performance
  • Durable and Reliable Construction

  • Battery Doesn’t Last Long

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Ryobi P208 18V Lithium Ion

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For a superior convenience and a more performance-oriented quality, the Ryobi P208 One+ can be a real deal. You won’t have to use any key or tool to change bits, you just need to place it inside, and that’s it. You also have 24 different positions in the clutch and 2 speeds to use. You can use it for anything you desire at any time – as it is the most convenient in the market.

The mag tray on the drill allows users to store bits without having to get a storage case or a pouch for that. And if you want superior safety when using it, you can enjoy a really grip-oriented rubberized handle, and a perfect LED lights system so you can use it in black-outs and the like.

  • Well-Priced for the Quality
  • Incredibly Convenient Design
  • Reliable and Safe

  • Harder to Transport

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WORX Switchdriver WX176L

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WORX is a lesser known brand than any other in this list but still, can offer superior performance in almost every way. The dual chucks it comes with offer a faster bit-switching method. The electronic torque with excellent precision allows users to stop worrying for screw stripping. Additionally, you can enjoy a 2-speed gearing and other additional driving features that make it incredibly useful in many situations.

The MaxLithim Batteries at 20V are perfect as well, offering a lot of power and hours of use. The Power Share platform makes it easy to charge as well, so you don’t have any trouble at any time.

  • Totally Easy to Use
  • Great Precision Torque
  • Superior Batteries

  • Chargers Can Be Unreliable

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Hitachi Drill KC10DFL2

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The high-quality Hitachi KC10DFL2 cordless drill is a remarkable performer that comes with a handy impact driver and a storage case with a flashlight, the charger and a useful kit of bits. The drill is what really matters, and it is made with an incredible quality it is one of the most recommended options out there.

The precise electronic torque system with 21 positions and a keyless chuck, make this option really convenient in many ways – you won’t find a job this drill won’t do. Additionally, the 12V peak Lithium battery is just excellent, offering a long-lasting performance. The flashlight can also be used alongside the drill, providing 40-minute performance and an easy-to-carry bag.

  • Extremely Useful Additional Items
  • Reliable Performance
  • Durable Construction

  • Not as Powerful as Expected

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BLACK&DECKER MAX Lithium-Ion Drill

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Among the highest-quality brands out there for home tools, there’s no doubt Black+Decker is one of the most recommended, and that’s why this incredible drill is so good as well. It is made with an incredibly reliable construction, an excellent performance-oriented design and a safe and dependable mode of use.

You won’t have any trouble when using it, as it is robust enough for any type of drill activity. And of course, thanks to the 20V lithium battery you will have many hours of use without a problem. Features 66 hand tools and accessories for a more convenient use and a carrying bag for easy transport. The 11-position clutch is really useful as well and easy-to-use.

  • Incredible Battery Performance
  • Wonderfully Convenient Tool Set
  • Durable, Reliable and Safe

  • A Little Power-Deficient

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Bosch Compact Tough Drill

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With an excellent quality of Bosch products, the Compact Tough drill is a great choice for those who want to receive a powerful performance alongside a smaller design for easier use and portability. It offers excellent features like a keyless chuck for easy bit changing, a 21-positions clutch system, up to 1300 RPM and a 350lbs torque power.

The SlimPack batteries are totally well-made and long-lasting at 18V. You will also be able to enjoy a lightweight construction and a rubberized handle for superior comfort and grip. Lastly, you won’t have any trouble when transporting it, as it comes with its own contractor bag.

  • Powerful Despite its Compact Size
  • Convenient and Comfortable Design
  • Durable Batteries

  • Doesn’t Feature Additional Bits

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Makita LXT Lithium-Ion Hammer Driver-Drill

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The Makita LXT Hammer Driver-Drill is a superior performance and powerful cordless device that will help you in any situation easily. You will be able to enjoy from a powerful 480lbs torque, a 1900 RPM speed and a wonderfully convenient driving and hammer functions.

It also features an incredible XPT protection technology so you can work safer and much more comfortable wherever you are. It is dust and water resistant as well. The whole device is also compact and easy to transport despite coming with its heavy-duty storage case. The 18V, on the other hand, is extremely reliable and long-lasting so you can work for longer without worrying.

  • Incredibly Powerful Design
  • Much More Durable and Reliable Built
  • High-Quality Batteries

  • A Little Heavier Than Most

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PORTER-CABLE Drill and Impact Driver PCC601

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This kit is excellent, not only for coming with a powerful impact driver but because it offers the most robust and reliable cordless drill out there with a 1500 RPM potency. The PCC601 from Porter-Cable, a superior performance drill with a highly reliable construction and durable design will help you for many years and for thousands of uses without a problem.

The batteries it comes with are 20V for increased durability, and thanks to the battery gauge, you will be able to see how much battery power is left when using. This one features a really comfortable carrying bag and a charger.

  • Superior Performance and Construction
  • Reliable and Durable Design
  • Solid and Long-lasting Batteries

  • Doesn’t Offer Additional Bits

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Dewalt Compact Drill DCD771C2

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With an excellent RPM speed of 1500 and a 300 watt motor, you can use this drill for a broad range of things without any problem. The ratcheting chuck is totally easy to use as well, making it incredibly convenient and quicker to use. The ergonomic handle offers superior grip, and a safer use whenever you want.

The battery is extremely superior to any other, making the drill work for hours without a problem. And the charger will make it totally easier to use as well. The compact design makes it totally convenient and useful for the hardest and most challenging areas to work at. This Dewalt drill is without a doubt, a perfect example of how a good drill should be.

  • Highly Effective Performance
  • Superior Reliability and Convenience
  • Much Easier and Comfortable to Use

  • A Little Harder To Change Chuck


Whether you want to open a hole in your house walls, or just want to screw something that feels too hard in a difficult area – a cordless drill can be your best companion. But they need to be good enough for the type of activity you want to use it at, and of course, they need to be reliable, safe to use, powerful and long-lasting. Here are a few different things you should consider before buying one of these:


According to how much power the drill has, you will be able to tell how many different things you will be able to use it at. Most cordless drills offer a 12V to 20V battery performance, making them suitable enough to the majority of activities, where 12V may not be the most recommended for opening holes in concrete walls for example, and where 20V is excellent for simply everything.


A good drill needs to offer at least 550 RPM to be good enough for most drilling activities. However, with a higher speed rate of about 1500 RPM or more, the drill can open holes in the hardest lumber effortlessly. If you want to choose a good drill, make sure it offers at least 500 RPM. The highest-quality ones can provide up to 1800 or more RPM.


The clutch will tell you how easy it is to change bits and how reliable the drill is when using it. Most clutches offer a key if you want to install a new bit or to modify the type of position you want for the drilling. Make sure you have at least 18 settings and an easy-to-change and a quick clutch for a more convenient experience. The lowest the number of settings, the fewer screws the drill can be used with.


Lithium-Ion, Nickel-Metal-Hydride, and Nickel-Cadmium battery designs. These are the types of batteries available, and each one of them has different powers, charging methods and reliabilities. If you want superior performance, go for Lithium-Ion batteries. If you want a more reliable built, go for Nickel-Metal-Hydride, and if you just need a faster charge – go for nickel-cadmium batteries. Yet, it is important to note that the more powerful the battery is, the longer it will take to charge, and vice versa. So choose accordingly.


Handles are essential for safety and comfort. The right handle will help you use it effortlessly, always safe and without fearing any slipping. For this, look for rubberized handles with superior grip T-handle design. Other models may be outstanding as well, especially when they come with additional grip-oriented designs.

Want to get an excellent drill for your next construction activities? The following advice may come really handy:

- Make sure the trigger is easy to use, and that the drill is not too heavy for you.

- If you want a compact version go for drill with under 10V power, and if you want more powerful but less space-efficient options, go for a 12V or superior drill.

- Bits are sometimes handy, make sure the one you choose comes with at least a pair of these.

Don’t buy an unreliable drill that will break within the first month of use, or a drill that doesn’t last much than just a few minutes. Make sure you choose the highest-quality drill out there according to your needs and desires, this way nothing will get in your way of the perfect building experience.

The perfect cordless drill is waiting for you – choose with care and increase your performance and overall comfort when drilling.

Everyone wants to choose the most reliable product possible, and with a cordless drill, you are for sure looking the same. Here’s what you should consider and much more – check it out!


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